Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Fly Tying Mondays Start on Monday November 27th at 7 pm

Fly Tying Mondays for our Central Alberta group starts this Monday at Reliance Oilfield Services at 7 pm. Just bring your regular tying tools. The cost is  $5 to cover the materials that are used at the Monday workshops. Sadly the costs of tying materials is on the rise. The presenter will always bring the materials for the evening.

The first tying session is all about dubbing loops and we will be tying up some rabbit strip streamers that you definitely want to have in your fly box!

Bring a dubbing twister if you have one. We have a few extra to share!

Fly tyers of all skill levels are invited to come. See you soon!


Monday, November 13, 2023

A Bonus Day on the Water

The end of October was so cold and many of our lakes froze over. 

...but November has been warm and that thin covering of ice has disappeared on several pot hole lakes. My neighbour and friend Colin and I were able to get out today. The chinook arch over Red Deer was spilling warm air throughout Central Alberta. We headed out late morning and had an excellent late morning and afternoon session on the water. The lake we visited was 75% ice free. The water temperature was a frigid 38F. Burr! We bundled up with lots of extra layers that we really did not need. 10C  on November 13th is a bonus day! I had to track down the electric motor, battery and fly fishing gear. I had stored it away.

Colin and I both fly fished with Tokaryk Specials and had an outstanding afternoon. Several dozen rainbows were brought to hand. A bonus day indeed. Great fun!


Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Sparrow Glassworks Christmas Studio Sale on November 4th!

Darren and his wife, Deborah, make so many amazing glass works. Everything from scotch glasses etched with mayflies to vases with a fish theme and glass fish! Take the time to drop by his studio and take a look!


Are You Getting Your Fly Tying Area Ready For Winter?

Hi Everyone!

I am slowly gearing up and getting our gang organized for fly tying Mondays. I have taken the time to clean up my tying area. I have posted a picture of my main tools that I like to have handy. We will be again at Reliance Learning Centre thanks to Adam!

Our first tying session will be tying rabbit strip streamers. I will send you more details as the date gets closer.

I am still looking for presenters to help fill in the dates. If you have a favourite fly or two to share, please let me know! I have Phil Rowley lined up for February 10th.

Finally, Rick Miyauchi is going to be doing two presentations. Rick wants to know if anyone has anything specific that they would like covered. Please let me know and I will pass it along to Rick!

The schedule is posted in the previous post! See you soon!