Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Fabulous Workshop by Phil Rowley

It was a full house for the all day fly tying workshop led by Phil Rowley. This is Phil's 5th trip to Red Deer and the 26 participants were introduced to 10 patterns from Phil's new book: Stillwater Selections: A Collection of Proven Patterns. Phil's new "text" book has 55 stillwater fly patterns that he has not published before. Many of the patterns have come from a variety of inventive tyers and, of course, Phil. Phil is a master at explaining the food sources that are available to trout (and other fish species) in our stillwaters. The patterns he covered today provided us with an excellent cross section of food that trout target. I am always amazed at Phil's clear explanations of how to tye these patterns. The background information that Phil provides about what is happening with the "critters" in the lake helps us understand why these are effective lake patterns. Two episodes of the television show: The New Fly Fisher also made for enjoyable entertainment at lunch. There is no question that the Central Alberta Fly Tyers are becoming a very skilled group of tyers. Phil has had a great deal to do with our development as tyers and we are very appreciative of that. I have posted all the patterns covered today in the previous post.

Phil is always interested in feedback about his workshops. If you attended the workshop and have any thoughts you would like to share with him, please drop me an e-mail and I will pass them along!

The trip to the Parkland Region of Manitoba from June 4 to 8 is almost full. If you are contemplating coming, please contact me asap. Remember that we will be having a "preparatory" day on April 17th for the trip.

Finally we do have a tying session this Monday. Reid "The Kid" Stoyberg is our leader. Reid has a neat session planned with 2 patterns he has had incredible success with here in Central Alberta. After watching Reid and Phil Rowley discuss and then watch Oliver Edwards and Davie McPhail tying on You Tube, you can appreciate how knowledgeable "The Kid" is. By the way take a look here for

Oliver Edwards:

Davie McPhail:

Phil Rowley

The Gang taking in Phil's Presentation

Phil Rowley's Workshop: The Fly Patterns

All of the fly patterns that were covered today are from Phil Rowley's newly published book, Stillwater Selections: A Collection of Proven Patterns. All the flies below were tied by Phil. You can visit Phil's web site here:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday January 25, 2010

Hi Everybody!

Byron Stearns was our guest tyer. Byron loves to fly fish and guide. He did three patterns that are excellent to use when the brown drakes are hatching. Byron did a fine job showing almost 20 tyers how to construct Quigley's Cripples and brown drakes with both polypropylene wings as well as a parachute style. I have to admit that brown drake hatches get me and many other fly fishers excited about hitting local streams. Drab, overcast
days in June and July, as well as dusk, is a good time to go hatch hunting with these flies in your pocket. Be prepared to go home in the dark!

The Phil Rowley Workshop is this Saturday, January 30th. We can squeeze in two other tyers. Let me know if you want to come. It's going to be a very educational day. Reid Stoyberg will be tying next Monday. Reid has a well planned evening of tying all ready to go.

Byron Stearns

Brown Drake (with partridge wings)

Brown Drake

Hook: Size 8 dry fly hook
Tail: Three moose hairs split
Body: Golden brown (antron or rabbit)
Shellback: pheasant tail
Rib: 3/0 light cahill thread
Wing: brown polypropylene

Parachute Brown Drake

Quigley's Cripple

Hook: Size 10 dry fly hook
Trailing Shuck: Tan s-lon (z-lon, etc.)
Body: Tan turkey quill
Thorax: Brown antron
Wing: Deer hair
Hackle: brown

The younger generation having some fun tying flies!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday January 18th, 2010

Hi Everybody!

It was Roy Saunders turn to be our guest tyer. Roy showed the 17 tyers how to tie a "West Coast" Rolled Muddler and a modified Doc Spratley. Both patterns work well. Roy related how he used the "West Coast" Rolled Muddler with success on the Bow River at dusk. The Doc Spratley tied with marabou wing instead of pheasant tail makes for a streamer that looks alive in the water. Excellent patterns Roy. Thanks for sharing!

Next week Byron Stearns will take us through three stages of the brown drake life cycle.

Remember that the Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition is on this weekend in Calgary at Spruce Meadows. Look here for details:

The fly tying seminar with Phil Rowley on January 30th has one spot left.

Roy Saunders

"West Coast" Rolled Muddler Minnow

Hook: Streamer size 6 Mustad 9672
Thread: Red 6/0
Tail: Flat silver mylar
Body: Flat silver mylar
Under Wing: Teal Flank Feather
Over Wing: Deer Hair

Marabou Doc Spratley

Hook: Streamer size 6 Mustad 9672
Tail: Grizzly hackle
Body: Seal (color to suit)
Rib: gold or silver tinsel
Beard: Grizzly hackle (not in this photo)
Wing: Marabou (color to suit)
Head: Peacock herl

Reid and his buddy Justin (welcome Justin!)

Monday, January 11, 2010

January 11th, 2010

Hi Everybody!

Jock MacKenzie was our guest presenter tonight. Jock taught 20 fly tyers how to construct the Bow River Bugger. Jock gathered all of his materials from Evan Ritchie's basement. If you are looking for fly tying materials be sure to give Evan a call. Jock's step by step power point presentation gave the gang an excellent overview of how to tie the Bow River Bugger. The Bow River Bugger is a very successful variation of Russell Blessing's original pattern. I have had a great deal of success on the Red Deer, the Bow and the Crow fishing this pattern. Be sure to tie this pattern in white, black and green. We all had to work at mastering how to correctly tie a deer hair collar and then spin deer hair. Doug Pullen showed us how to use a razor blade to trim the spun deer hair to form the head of the streamer. It sure is a slick way to get the job done. Thanks Jock for the well planned evening. It was nice to see some new faces amongst the gang tonight. Welcome!

Next week Roy Saunders is our guest presenter!

We now have 3 spots left for the Phil Rowley Workshop on the 30th of January. Let me know if you would like to spend a Saturday tying patterns from Phil's new stillwater book. As well, there are 4 spots left for the June trip to the Parkland Region of Manitoba. Check a few posts back for the details.

See you next week.


Jock MacKenzie tying a Bow River Bugger

Lets see, how do you spin deer hair again?

Karen's Bow River Bugger is a success!

Bow River Bugger

Hook: 3X or 4X Streamer hook
Weight:lead substitute or cone head
Tail: marabou (color to suit) with some crystal flash
Body: Chenille (color to suit)
Hackle: Green, black or white
Rib: Medium copper wire
Collar: Deer hair
Head: Spun deer hair

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday January 4, 2010

Happy New Year Everybody!

We kicked off the 2010 fly tying season in great style. Twenty-eight tyers filled the Annie L Gaetz library. The evening was an opportunity to honor Russell Blessing, the inventor of the woolly bugger. Tonight we tied 3 variations of the woolly bugger. All three patterns will be useful to the Central Alberta fly fisher.

Next week Jock MacKenzie is our guest tyer. Jock is an avid fly fisher who always shares some great patterns. You'll enjoy Jock's sense of humor.

We still have 5 spots left for the Rowley Workshop on January 30th. The Trip to the Parkland Region of Manitoba is filling up. Let me know if you want to be a participant.

Bob showing the gang how to use a dubbing loop.

"The Gang" concentrating on their patterns.

The Pumpkinhead

Hook: Tiemco 200r size 10 or 12
Thread: Green, brown or black 6/0 or 8/0
Tail: Medium burnt orange marabou or olive marabou
Hackle: Burnt Orange Grizzly
Body: Medium olive sparkle dubbing or chenille
Bead: #8 Orange silver lined ceramic (3 mm)

...also try root beer colored marabou and body with the burnt orange hackle!

The Bulldog (Don Freschi's version)

Look at Don's web site here for his video of the tying instructions:

Black Micro Leech

Hook: Mustad Size 12 79580
Tail: Black marabou
Hackle: Black
Body: small black sparkle chenille
Bead: Red Ceramic