Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Proposal for Changes in Angling Fees in Alberta

Hi Everybody!

Looks like we have some changes in the works for the costs to purchase fishing licences in Alberta. They new fee structure looks like it will be more in line with what other provinces are doing. The BIG changes will be for individuals who live out of province. Take a look.


An Enjoyable Day in the West Country

August long weekend is only a few days away and it was a great opportunity to chase some cutthroat in the west country. It was a chilly morning when we arrived, just 5C. As the day warmed up, so did the fishing. The water was in near perfect condition although we did have to be cautious on some of the river crossings.

The cool overcast morning brought out some BWOs, the hoppers started moving around once they felt the heat of the sun. The fishing really turned on about 5 pm. What happened to bankers hours Mr. Cutthroat?

Reflecting on the day during the dusty ride to the pavement brought smiles to our faces. It was fabulous.

...take a look!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Finally, Fly Fishing for Cutthroat Trout

Hi Everybody!

I have been watching Alberta Basins web site waiting for an opportunity to load up the truck with camping gear and see what the torrential rain did to our eastern slopes rivers. A flat tire, rough road and the usual backcountry dust finally got us to our spot. We knew the river was still high and a bit off colour but we could nibble around the edges of the fast flowing water to see how the cutthroat did during the high water and to see what the high water did to the river we visited. Seeing a river completely rearranged made us feel like we were in a new place. We encountered all age categories of cutthroats and they were in great shape. Golden stones were out and that allowed us to dry fly fish with big foam flies (orange crush). Getting around was not too bad for us but the water is still high and potentially dangerous. If you venture out be careful. 

...some action pics below from the last few days.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cathy Peet's Big Rainbow

Bernie and Cathy were fly fishing in the Parkland Region of Manitoba in June. Bernie's wife Cathy caught this beauty at the north end of Patterson Lake in the shallows. Well done Cathy!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bagging a Big Brown Along the Tulles

I came across this sequence while editing pictures today. A mustard yellow brown was busily gulping down fat head minnows along a section of tulles. Larry and I happened along and our buddy Phil who was fishing a bit deeper pointed out the commotion so we set up a trap and it did not take long for our aggressively feeding brown to take the offering 18 inches below Larry's strike indicator.

The entire sequence was recorded by Phil Rowley. Thanks Phil for the cool sequence of pictures.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lake White Fish on the Fly

It was smokin hot today but the chironomid fishing for lake white fish was pretty good. The hottest day of the year caused lots of recreational boaters and their families to seek cooler temperatures at Sylvan lake. My buddy Larry and I had to break in Larry's new 20 hp motor and of course we took the fly rods along. We set up in 8 feet of water and fly fished with black and red ice cream cone chironomids. We caught lake whites in most places we stopped. Lots of fun!