Sunday, April 18, 2010

Manitoba Gang at the Vice

I truly believe that the preparation and anticipation of a trip are as much fun as the trip itself. Phil Rowley drove down from Sherwood Park and spent yesterday with the 10 members of our club who are heading to the Parkland Region of Manitoba during the early part of June. We spent the morning planning and go over Phil's kit bag and then we tied 10 patterns in the afternoon. Most of the flies we tied were "local" patterns that fly fishers that frequent Patterson Lake and Tokaryk Lake in Manitoba use.

Karen and I decided to host the workshop right in our basement. It all worked out great. Tiki and Pinball got a bit excited at all the action in their house but once they realized everybody loved to fly fish, they instantly became friends of all.

Thanks again Phil for the fabulous day. I am always amazed at how fast the day goes.