Thursday, April 23, 2020

Not Quite Yet Central Alberta

Oh man, we are all itching to get back out there with our fly rods. Ice is rapidly coming off the central Alberta pot hole lakes but it will still be a few more day. Sigh. Karen and I went search but all we found was a small ribbon of fishable water. The ice looks like it is ready to melt off. One good wind will probably get the job done on some small lakes.

I have also added a couple of pictures from the Raven River which is humming along although slowly dropping.

Remember the new reality of staying away from others while fishing. This Covid-19 virus can be life threatening. Do not take any chances, after all it is just fishing.

Bridge at Raven on Thursday April 23rd

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Foam Hoppers-Trying Something Different

I know it is not a new idea but I have not tried getting my foam flies lower into the surface film. I am using a heavier Daicchi 1260 size 8 hook. The body is either foam or ice dub with hackle. The Foam wing is just tied in at the front. It should ride lower in the water. I wonder what the trout will have to say about this. We will see.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Ho Candy-An Excellent Dry Fly to Skate Across a Lake

Phil Rowley just released a new fly on his You Tube Channel called the Ho Candy. Phil and his wife, Patsy, fished this pattern on Monster Lake in Wyoming. They skated the fly on the surface and caught big brown trout, tiger trout, cutthroat and several strains of rainbows. I have added the links to how to tie the Ho Candy and Phil's Vlog about Monster Lake. Take a look!

Poly Wing Dry Flies with Synthetic Quill Bodies

I ordered several synthetic quill bodies to experiment with from Canadian Llama Company. I wanted to give them a try! I am pleased with the results although they did take a little bit to get used to. I learned that I prefer goose or turkey biots for smaller mayfly imitations although for size 14 and size 12 imitations, the synthetic quills are excellent. 

I use macrame cord for my wings and posts. Macrame cord helps dry flies float like a cork. It is easy to work with too. Just unravel a piece, brush it out with a velcro or wire brush and then tie it in just like any polywing material.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

I Love Micro Leeches in the Spring Just after Ice Off

I can just picture everyone topping up their fly boxes. With many of us staying home and away from people, we might as well get tying. Micro leeches can be productive right after ice off and often they work great throughout the season right into the fall. Here are 4 of my favourite. I have imbedded video of how to tie them. Get back to the vice and add a few in your fly boxes.

M and M Mini Leech

Landon Mayer's Mini Leech

Glenn's Leech 

BMW (Brian's Marabou Wiggler)