Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Guide Reid Stoyberg at Plummer's Arctic Lodge-Summer of 2022

My good friend Reid Stoyberg had an amazing guide season at Plummer's Arctic Lodge located on Great Bear Lake. I believe this was Reid's 10th season there. (Where does the time go?) Reid and I talk often. He spent 9 weeks in the arctic. Reid uses his holiday time and accumulated overtime as an engineer to guide at Plummer's. This year Reid spent part of his winter and spring developing a guide manual. He then spearheaded a week of training the new guides at Plummer's. The guides overall had an amazing season and Reid's season was off the charts!

Reid's partner, Kate Daniels also works at the lodge during her summer holidays. Kate is able to get out on the water at times. I have included a day Kate got on the Sulky River. The Sulky River is teaming with grayling. Trophy grayling up to 22 inches were caught this year.

Reid and one of his guests landed a 54 pound laker this year as well as so many lakers that were 40 pounds or larger. Reid is quite fussy when he tells guests what their catch weighs. He uses a very accurate scale.

Well pictures speak volumns so take a look. Karen and I hope to be there next year. We are booked!

Plummer's Arctic Lodge is so comfortable. Washrooms and showers in every cabin.

A 45 pound laker above.

That is one outstanding laker!

Plummer's has two single engine otters for fly outs! Trips to the world famous Tree River, the Coppermine River, head waters of the Horton River, the Sulky River and their 3 out lodges on Great Bear keep their two skilled pilots busy all summer!

Sulky River

Kate having an outstanding day at the Sulky River!

Every day you take time for a shore lunch. Mouth watering good!



Sunday, August 28, 2022

Fly Fishing in the South Ram Canyon

As most of you know, I love adventures. My buddy, Steve; his dad, Tom and I decided to head into a spectacular canyon area on the South Ram River. We backpacked into an area and planned to stay for a few days although the weather had other plans for us unfortunately. After we bush bashed several kilometres, we set up camp. Sadly, the South Ram was not in prime shape because of storms. It had two feet of visibility but we enjoy the camping and exploring as much as the fly fishing. We scrambled down steep areas to fly fish. We did catch our share of west slope cutthroat considering the visibility in the water was low. We had a very cool two hours when 24 mountain sheep wandered onto the cliffs in front of our camp and hung out! Well day two, steady rain moved in and the water turned grey. We still explored and had a great time because the views are spectacular. Getting around is not easy and can be dangerous, especially when everything is wet and slippery. Doing some map work paid off for us. I have fly fished in this area many times but have not taken the time to hike well down stream. The going is tough. There are game trails in places but you are in the bush and dealing with dead fall everywhere, and river access is not easy! Many individuals go in VIA helicopter. You can see why!

We hiked out early. The steady rain ran down the shale walls and the river visibility went to near zero. Sigh. We still had an outstanding trip.