Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Upcoming 2011-2012 Fly Tying Season

  • Hi Everybody!

  • The fly fishing season is winding down and its time to get the Central Alberta Fly Tying Club organized for another year.

  • The plan is to get rolling on Monday November 28th at 7 pm. We will be again back to West Park Middle School (right across from Red Deer College) in the library!

  • The plan is to have tying sessions every Monday until the end of March with an added all day fly tying session on Saturday January 7th with Phil Rowley. At this momemt, the Theme is FUN with Foam. With the cost of hackle and its poor availability, its time we examined alternative ways to tie flies that work.

  • To get the ball rolling, we need to get members of our club to led a session or two. There is an incredible amount of knowledge withing the club that over the years we have shared with our gang at the vice on Monday nights. We want to encourage newcomers to join us as well.

  • We will also have a new camera and projector that the Central Alberta Chapter of Trout Unlimited is going to purchase that will add a great deal to our Monday evenings.

  • Please contact me by e-mail if you are willing to run a fly tying session on Monday nights. We usually share two or three patterns. All your expenses will be covered. That includes materials like hooks, dubbing, feathers, etc.

  • Finally, if you have have some pictures you would like to share with the group, please e-mail them to me. I am doing a slide show for the first session that will include images from our club trip to Manitoba and pictures from our cutthroat trips this year as well a a trip to chase coho on the west coast.
  • Pass the word. We're gearing up for another educational year of fly tying.

  • Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Bob