Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Brent's Blood Leech and the Bulldog with Dr. Bill Young

Hi Everyone! Dr. Bill Young was our guest instructor last night! Dr. Bill's theme was "Big Flies for Old Eyes!" Many of us can certainly relate to that! A few weeks back when it was brutally cold, Dr. Bill visited one of his favourite You Tube Channels (Sport Fishing on the Fly). Two flies caught his eye, both tied by Brent Schlenker from the pro staff of SFOTF! Bill led us through how to tie these excellent streamers. They are definitely fish catchers. 

Thanks Bill for a very enjoyable evening!


Sunday, January 28, 2024

Details for Fly Tying on Monday January 29th with Dr. Bill Young

 Hi Everyone!

Dr. Bill Young is our presenter tomorrow (Monday January 29th)!

...please bring with you:

Black 6/0 thread or UTC 140

Medium copper wire

Black dubbing with a tinge of red 

0.020 lead wire

I will have extra of everything if you cannot find these materials in your kit!

See you on Monday!

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Cause for Concern- Recinding Several Provincial Recreation Areas

This concerns me a lot. If you enjoy these areas, they are going to become a free for all. 


Monday, January 22, 2024

Rim Chung's RS2 and a Flashback Hares Ear with Dan Reaman

17 keen fly tyers came out tonight to take in Dan Reaman's presentation. Dan showed us how to tie the iconic fly, RS2 as well as a Flashback Hare's Ear! Rim Chung's famous fly maybe one of the most important flies you can have in your fly box. Tie them small, size 18-24. Flashback Hare's Ears are easy to tie and they sure are fish catchers.

Thanks for driving in from Olds, Dan. Your concise instruction sure made for an excellent evening. The gang learned a simple way to split mayfly tails and well as how to make a dubbing rope. Two very useful tying techniques.

Next week, Dr. Bill Young is our guest tyer. See you then!

RS2 Rim Chung originator

Hook: size 18-24 straight hymph hook
Thread:12/0 colour to match
Tail: Micro Fibbets
Body: Superfine-adams grey
Wing: CDC

Flashback Hare's Ear

Hook: size 1-18 straight nymph hook
Thread: brown, tan, 8/0
Tail: Pheasant Tail
Body: Hare's Ear dubbing
Flashback: Pearl Mylar
Throax: Hare's Ear


Monday, January 15, 2024

Tying Whistlers and Hollow Pike Flies with Steve Luethi and Josh Nugent

What an enjoyable evening! Steve Luethi and Josh Nugent spent the evening teaching everyone how to tie whistlers and hollow pike flies. Steve and Josh, owner of Out Flyfishing Outfitters in Calgary, also shared some video from their hosted trips to Argentina and Cree Lake in Northern Saskatchewan. 

The 17 tyers who came out tonight learned how to tie bulky looking flies by use sparse amounts of tying material. It certainly makes it easier to cast these big flies. Whisters are known for the "whistling noise" the bead chain eyes make. Big toothy critters cannot layoff these enticing flies.

Next week, Dan Reaman is our guest presenter. Dan has an excellent program lined up. See you next week!

Josh and Doug

Karen tying a Whistler.

Hollow Pike Fly

Rick tying a Whistler

Doug with an excellent example of a Whistler Pike Fly.


Saturday, January 13, 2024

Dreaming of Warm Weather and Fly Fishing During This Cold Snap

Oh baby it is cold outside. I do not want to even venture outside. I have been tying flies for our upcoming trip to Belize in early March! My brain has been dreaming of wading the flats in search of bonefish and permit. I love having a trip to look forward to. Not that far away now. Time to get those shrimp and crab flies ready to go!