Thursday, July 1, 2010

Details for the Fall Trip to the Parkland Region of Manitoba

Hi Everybody!

A return trip to the Parkland Region of Manitoba is in the works. The trip will again be hosted by Bob and Karen Vanderwater helping with all the logistics and by Phil Rowley, who will do extensive sessions on stillwater fishing in the fall. The dates are September 2 to 6th. Just like the first trip to Manitoba's Parkland Region, there will be an educational focus. The fall is the time that the rainbows, browns and tiger trout will be putting the feed bag on in preparation for the winter months. It is a favorite time of the year for me to fly fish.

We will be staying either in Russell or around Rossman Lake (very close to Patterson Lake). The cost of the trip will be approximately $550. That will include food, accommodation and all the seminars. All the seminars will occurr in the evening as well as a debriefing session about the day and any necessary fly tying.

Phil will be posting a comprehensive itinerary on Phil' s blog in a week or so. The trip will be limited to 12 individuals. Like the last trip, we will make the trip available to our gang first and then we will open up any available slots to anybody who is interested.

Karen and I are away for the next three weeks. You can contact Phil VIA e-mail:

"Philip Rowley"

to book your spot for the trip!