Sunday, November 21, 2021

First Fly Tying Session on Zoom is December 6th-Tying Leeches

 Hi Everybody!

Our first fly tying session will be Monday December 6th at 7 pm on Zoom! I will send everyone a link so you can tune in and tie along with me.

I will be tying  basic streamers, balanced leeches and balanced ruby-eyed leeches.

You will need the following:

Hook: 3xl streamer hook (e.g. Mustad 9671 or 9672) or balanced fly set up (jig hook size 10, pin and 1/8th tungsten bead )

Thread: Black thread 6/0

Tail: Black, Brown or Olive Marabou

Body: You favourite streamer coloured semi seal or Ice Dub

Bead: 1/8 inch brass bead or tungsten AND a 5/32 cone head brass or tungsten

You will need a dubbing twister for the session too!

See you soon!


Monday, November 15, 2021

Would YOU Pay to Play?

I never thought that I would go to a private location to fly fish, paying a rod fee. Many of my American and Canadian friends regularly head to private ponds, ranches, lakes and spring creeks to fly fish. Here in Alberta, there are several places you can fly fish after paying a rod fee. Personally, it was something I was not that interested in but after trying it, I would definitely do it again.

What I discovered was a day with my friends in a private intimate place turned out to be an amazing experience. There was a lot of laughing, relaxing, catching and just plain having a great time. It was a quality experience and I could tell by the smiles and laughter that everyone was having a blast!

My friend Leon and several of his friends head to private locations for three or four days at a time. After looking at the photos and hearing the stories, one can tell the gang was having a blast. I even spent a day with a group at a private fly fishing location just to be there and take photos. I did not even fly fish!

Days at fishing spots with a group of friends, willing fish and quiet surrounds are to be treasured. Battling a massive rainbow or catching a large brook trout is an opportunity many the avid fly fisher hopes to have. By looking at the quality of the fish caught, the smiles on the faces of the individuals and the peace of having space to fish, you can tell the opportunities are fantastic. Would you pay to play?


Sunday, November 14, 2021

Fly Tying Mondays Start on Monday December 6th on Zoom

Hi Everyone! 

Fly Tying Mondays will gear up on December 6th. We will most likely continue with the Zoom format! All the details will follow shortly! 



Saturday, November 13, 2021

Suspender Minkie- An Excellent Streamer Pattern

Oh I like this minnow pattern. This imposter sits in the surface film and will be an awesome fly pattern when the the browns and rainbows are cruising the edges busting bait fish!


Friday, November 12, 2021

Bonus Day on the Red Deer River

A day on the water in mid November is definitely a bonus! Some warm air was spilling into Central Alberta today so Karen, Doug and I headed to the Red Deer River. In the three hours we fly fished, the wind changed direction three times. The wind at one point was cutting right through my double jacket set up. We did connect with several walleye and a nice Red Deer River brown trout! The balanced silver minnow, size 6 was our best fly. Pepper had a great time trying to catch mice as we fly fished. Doug arrived just as Karen and I ran out of time. Errands called and we had to dash back to town. Doug said he had an excellent afternoon with a Candy Corn being his best fly! It may have been 6C but it was definitely chilly. Karen and I both wore two winter coats. Our hands got cold when we had to unpin our walleye and brown. The geese, a golden eagle and so many ducks were a great distraction as we fly fished. It is certainly well worth the effort to get a bonus day on the water in. 


Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Thank You to All Our Military-Past and Present

Karen and I have met so many incredible military personnel in our travels with our fly rods. Their stories are amazing. We cannot imagine the situations that many of them have encountered. Can you picture yourself flying nuclear warheads during the Cuban Missile Crisis, flying aircraft off of a carrier, going on patrol where a fire fight is expected most days, moving through the jungle in Vietnam not knowing if today is your last, or trying to help a mortally wounded member of your squad? I have meet these heroes. We, as Canadians, owe these heroes our respect and thanks!

Karen and I have attended the National Remembrance Day Service at our National War Memorial in Ottawa several times. It is a very moving ceremony and a reminder to us that we are very fortunate to live where we do! 

Karen and I want to thank all of our military personnel, past and present. We appreciate what you do and we thank you!

Do take the time to reflect on November 11th at 11:00 a.m. It is such an important thing to show gratitude for all of the sacrifices that have been made. 


Will Walleye Eat Wiggle Worms?

The last few outings I have targeted walleye on the Red Deer River, I spent time using a wiggle worm. I remembered a summer trip down the Red Deer River where Karen and I connected with several walleye with wiggle worms. Well, I have discovered that wiggle worms definitely get the attention of walleye!

Is the wiggle worm one of the most versatile flies out there? ...I think so. Many purists will never fly fish with a wiggle worm, although I will for one. Worms are definitely a food source for fish. Be sure to have a box full for both lake and river fly fishing!

These last three pictures were from a float to Red Deer from the Penhold bridge. We were targeting goldeye but we did shake hands with several walleye using a wiggle worm!


Dickson is Frozen Over

I tied up a half dozen flies this morning and then headed over to Dickson Trout Pond hoping that I would find some open water. When I arrived it was apparent that Dickson was frozen over except for a tiny spot along the north shore. With the cold temperatures in the next few days, Dickson's open water season has come to a close. I did try to fish for a bit where there was a sliver of open water. I did not get any grabs so I headed to the Red Deer River.

It is time to put my pram away and get all of the boat gear stored away! Sigh!


Do You Make a List?

Do you make a shopping list when shopping for fly tying material? I do. I have to or else I come home with a lot of stuff I probably do not need. Make a list of your top flies or start a list of materials as you decide what flies you want to tie for next fly fishing season!

I am planning to do fly tying for our club again this year. I am still in the planning and scheming side of things. More details to come very soon! Stay tuned!


Monday, November 8, 2021

Just in Case You Missed the Workshop on Tungsten Head Turner Beads, it was Recorded!

Here is the workshop on Tungsten Head Turner Beads that Phil Rowley did a few days back! You can order Tungsten Head Turner Beads from Canadian Llama Company.


Saturday, November 6, 2021

ACA (Alberta Conservation Association) Bull Trout Project on Fall Creek

Special thanks to Michael Short from Let's Go Outdoors for this video!


Friday, November 5, 2021

Beautiful Afternoon at Dickson Trout Pond

Doug, Colin and I spent the afternoon at Dickson Trout Pond. It was a warm mostly sunny afternoon after the chinook arch moved to the east and the temperature was close to 14C. Ironically, the water temperature was incredibly cold. I do not recall fly fishing at this water temperature. Any sustained cold weather will quickly ice over Dickson Trout Pond. We marked fish and we were fortunate to connect with a half dozen tigers and rainbows. I was basking in the warm sunshine. I was not too concerned about catching trout! It was nice to see that all of the trout we caught were in great condition and a decent size. Today was a bonus day out on the water.


Thursday, November 4, 2021

Walleye, Migrating Geese and Some Good News

What a beauty of an afternoon! The thermometer climbed up to around 15C today as Karen, Doug and I fly fished for walleye on the Red Deer River. We caught several decent walleye too. We used silver minnows, candy corns, clouser minnows and wiggle worms. They all caught walleye!

The warm sun was great therapy today and the 1000s of migrating geese were quite the distraction at times!

Oh yes the good news. Doug and I swung by Dickson Trout Pond and it is ice free. 

Dickson Trout Pond today!