Monday, June 27, 2011

2011 Fish Stocking Report

Hi Everybody!

If you are interested in what waters have been stocked this year, take a look right here:


Larry and Ken's Pictures from Fly Fishing in Manitoba

Hi Everybody!

Here is a selection of pictures from Larry and Ken Prowse from our club trip to the Parkland Region of Manitoba. Thanks for submitting the pictures fellas.

Larry with two big rainbows.

Fabulous rainbow Larry!

Now that is a beauty of a tiger trout Ken!

A colorful tiger trout that Ken caught.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Betty and Steve's Pictures from Manitoba

A Tokaryk Lake brown trout!

A big rainbow from Pybus Lake for Steve.

Betty will be telling others about this gigantic rainbow for a long time.

Some nice tiger trout!

Love the shadow of the net on this tiger trout!

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The Gang

Phil tagged this beauty with a balanced ice minnow.

The photo below is Ken and Larry at Tokaryk Lake.
Larry is tangling with a big rainbow.

Hi Everybody!

Karen and I just got back from another Parkland Region of Manitoba fly fishing adventure hosted by Phil Rowley along with Karen and I . Our annual club trip was a BIG success. The weather was amazing. Karen and I stayed for another week to help Phil Rowley with another club called the Inland Fly Fishers from Spokane. They experienced challenging weather to say the least. We even had a funnel cloud bear down on us at Twin Lakes although it never did touch down. Each year, we try to add new seminars and techniques to try. I know that several of you tried nymph fishing with a long leader and no indicator. I saw many fantastic fish caught including a rainbow of a life time that Betty caught. Way to go Betty. The Vampire Leech did it again. I wonder why Betty and Karen catch the monsters? It is neat to see.

Vampire Leech

I enjoy the camradrie within our group. The preparation for the trip is well worth it. Please send me a few of your favorite pictures so I can add them. Phil will send everybody a disk with with pictures and all the seminar notes.

Morris and Chris (from Medicine Hat) headed over to Twin Lakes to chase tiger trout. They had a long day and got about a dozen tigers to hand. Way to go guys.

We already have our dates for next year and we will get the details out right away for those of you who are interested. Please send Karen, Phil or I any feedback. We always want to improve the quality of the trip.

Arrow Lake Lodge

Rick with a beauty of a rainbow.

Larry McAllister with a colorful rainbow.

Doug spending the evening at Patterson Lake. Doug tagged 6 rainbows.

Betty heading out at Patterson Lake.

Betty caught this rainbow that weighed over 10 pounds with a Vampire Leech. What a fantastic moment Betty. Betty's smile says it all.

...luckily Phil was there to capture this moment on his camera.

Casting seminar at Arrow Lake.

Nice brown trout Bernie!

Doug cooking breakfast sausage at the lodge.

Larry caught many trophy sized rainbows. Here is one from Pybus Lake.

Rick's new fly fishing technique. Of course shortly after taking this image, Rick's line tightened up with a big rainbow.

Morris and Phil working a mid lake hump in the evening.

Doug caught this brown trout in Tokaryk Lake near a beaver house. Neat colors on this brown Doug!

Bernie in the kitchen.

Making lunch at the lodge.

Bob caught this hen along a weed line.

Karen waited almost 2 hours along a weed line. Several browns were cruising and caught. This one was a beauty.

Two Bruins fans. It was tough for us non Bruin fans.

Rick tying at the lodge. His small bait fish balanced leech was a winner. Great pattern Rick.

Steve with a nice Patterson rainbow.

A funnel cloud at Twin Lake. It did not touch down thankfully.