Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Entire Article About Coal Mining the the Ram River Area

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Fishing in the Rain

We were comfortable. Layers, lots and lots of layers and rain gear that works. The fly fishing was decent too! Be organized before you go to the lake. Have your lines set up at home so you do not get cold before you get on the water. It is a lot easier to do at home too!

The fish were still hungry on this particular day too!

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Chironomids at Sylvan Lake for Lake Whitefish, Pike, Walleye and Sometimes Suckers

Karen and I have been itching to get to Sylvan Lake again. The wind died down enough for us to get out! Pepper was not about to be left at home. He rocketed himself into the truck. He was excited. Once we got our 1756 G3 launched we were off down the lake. We set up in 6 feet of water and caught some whitefish but when we set up in 8 feet of water, the action was quite steady! We were using black and red ice cream cone chironomids. We even caught some pike and walleye on chironomids. We seldom get broken off by the pike. Weird considering the teeth in these toothy critters.

We saw lots of people out on Sylvan today. Many of the boats to me seemed overloaded. A lot of fish are leaving the lake and that concerns me as well!

We loved our day. We learned to keep trying different depths and fly fish about a foot from the bottom! 

Remember, once you get to the boat launch have everything ready so you are not slowing down the boat launch! Be sure to have approved lifejackets, a whistle, bailer and a throw rope. Also, do not crowd other boats, there is lots of room for everyone!

Warm days ahead. Get out there and enjoy!

Monday, May 25, 2020

A Diverse Menu for Trout at Our Pot Hole Lakes

The water temperature at our local pot hole lakes is still excellent. The trout are hungry and eating. Today several throat samples reveal that our local trout are eating shrimp, bloodworms, a wide variety of chironomids,  and damsel nymphs. The chironomids have been tiny to gigantic bombers in a variety of colours. The scuds have an orange and light yellow tint to them. 

Some beautiful weather is on the way. Get our there and enjoy!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Bombers, aka BIG Chironomids

Using a throat pump can help tell you a lot about what a trout is dining on!  Be careful to properly use a throat pump. Watch the short video below to see how Brian Chan does it! We have been trying to match the chironomids that have been emerging locally. Lately, we have been seeing large chironomids and the trout love to dine on these tasty moursels. Many of the throat samples have been showing a lot of chromies. These are chironomids that have lots of gas within them. We have seen chromies from size 16 to size 8. We have seen lots of different rib colours although ribs have been mainly a mahogany colour and black with some olive sprinkled in here or there!

Now if only the rain would stop!

John Kent's Rusty Nail

John Kent's Smoke and Mirrors