Thursday, December 30, 2021

Hot Spot Pheasant Tail Nymphs on Zoom -January 3rd at 7 pm MST

Fly Tying Mondays resume this Monday January 3rd at 7 pm on Zoom! The theme is "Hot Spot" Pheasant Tail Nymphs!  I got this great idea from Tim Cammisa in Fly Tyer Magazine!

All you need is your favourite nymph hook (size 12 is a perfect size),  orange thread (I am using 8/0),  gold or orange beads(7/64ths), a pheasant tail feather, some peacock herl, a bright ice dub of your choice (I like pink) and small copper wire. If you want to add some mirage opal tinsel (medium) and glo-bright floss that would be excellent although not necessary!

See you Monday night!


Thursday, December 23, 2021

Enjoy Christmas!

Christmas Eve is tomorrow and there is a proper snow squall right out my front door. Karen and I had to bundle up to walk Pepper. I loaded up the wood box so we can enjoy a few fires as the mercury plunges towards -30C. 

Karen and I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Holiday get togethers again have to be toned down due to all of the COVID-19 challenges everywhere. So frustrating. I hope this runs its course soon!

Maybe dust off the tying vice. I will try to post flies for Central Alberta waters that I love during the holidays.

Take care. 


Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Tying An Excellent Marabou Damsel

Randall Kaufman's Marabou Damsel is a simple yet effective fly pattern that takes just a few minutes to tie. Take a look at how Phil Rowley ties this excellent damsel imitation!


Saturday, December 18, 2021

A Very Cool Christmas video from Steve and Josh!

Steve Leuthi and the owner of Out Fly Fishing , Josh Nugent, made this neat little video the other day. It is so creative and certainly can make you smile! Well done guys! They pulled this little moment together on a brutally cold day too!


Friday, December 17, 2021

Next Fly Tying Session is Monday January 3rd.

I will post details for this tying session right after Christmas! Stay warm! 


Monday, December 13, 2021

A Bevy of Bloodworms

Bloodworms should be a staple in the fly boxes of both lake and river fly fishers. There are so many excellent patterns to choose from. They all can be effective. Take a look at the samples below. I use them all!

Acetate Floss Bloodworm

Hook: Mustad 37160 size 14-10
Bead: glass, red
Thread: UTC 70, red
Tail:Stretch Floss
Body:Acetate Floss, red, wine
Rib: Wire, gold medium

Note: Dip fly carefully in actetone

Wiggle Worm

Thread: UTC 140, red
Hook: Pro Tyer Czech Nymph, sizes 8-14
Bead: Orange tungsten, 7/64ths
Weight: 0.015
Body: wigg;le worm, red, brown

Seal Worm (John Kent originator)

Thread: UTC 70 denier, red
Bead: Red 3/32nd
Tail Marabou, red
Rib: Gold wire or lagartun gold braid-one strand
Body: Seal, red

Bob's Bloodworm

Thread: UTC 70 denier, red
Hook: Daiichi 1760 size 12-14
Weight: 0.010
Body: Scud back 1/8th, red
Rib: Red wire, medium

Bionic Worm (Jerry McBride originator)

Hook: C49s size 8-12
Thread: UTC 70, red
Bead: Orange Tungsten Head Turner 7/64ths or regular bead
Tail: Marabou, hot pink or cherise
Underbody: Gold flashabou
Overbody: Red Scud Back
Rib: Wire, medium gold

Beaded Bloodworm

Hook: Daiichi 1760 size 12-14
Body: Glass beads


Thursday, December 9, 2021

Blood Worms Are the Theme for Fly Tying Monday on December 13th at 7 pm

I always have blood worms along whether I am fly fishing in either lakes or rivers. They are a staple for trout, walleye, whitefish and pike.

On Monday December 13th, we will take a look at several bloodworm fly patterns.

We will be tying Jerry McBride's, Bionic Worm with a head Turner Bead on a jig hook; my super simple blood worm, John Kent's seal bloodworm and I will talk about acetate floss blood worms and of course squirmy wormies.

What will you need to tie along?

-red thread-UTC 70 or 140
-lead wire or equivalent-0.015
-red marabou
-pink marabou (optional)
-red stretch flex
-gold flashabou (optional)
-orange and a red (gold will do too) 7/64ths bead
-red seal or something buggy that is red (brill, semi seal)
-C49s size 8 hook or a jig hook size 10; and a Daiichi 1760 size 14 (or equivalent)
-gold wire, small
-red wire, medium

The Zoom Link:

See you at 7 pm!


Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The "Dubbed Scud" , Another Great Pattern to Add to Your Stillwater Fly Box

Phil Rowley has just released a new fly pattern to Phil's You Tube Channel.  You definitely want several of these scuds in your fly box! They are a great imitation of Gammarus Scuds! Take a look!


Excellent Start to Another Fly Tying Season on Zoom

Hi Everybody!

Another fly tying season is off to a great start! We had a very good turn out! Fly Tyers from across the west dropped in to take in all or a portion of our tying session.

This week we looked at tying leeches, mainly the semi-seal variety!

We tied them using basic streamer hooks, adding a ruby eye, using the newly developed Tungsten Head Turner Beads and well as balanced.

Next week we will be doing a session on blood worms. You will need some red marabou, red medium wire, and some red scud back! I will post a detailed materials list in a day or two!

I will start posting recordings of our tying sessions as well!

See you then!


Canadian Olive Semi Seal Leeches

Ruby Eyed Leeches


Thursday, December 2, 2021

Semi-Seal Leeches on Zoom-Monday December 6th at 7 pm MST

Hi Everyone!

Another fly tying season is upon us. I will try and have a fly tying session every Monday until mid March. There will of course be no tying during the Christmas break and Family Day.

Our first session will be on tying semi seal leeches. All you need is a size 8-10 streamer hook, brass or tungsten bead, some marabou and your favourite semi seal dubbing! We will do a basic semi seal leech, a balanced semi-seal leech, a jig leech and a ruby eyed semi seal leech.

You are welcome to tie along. You can just tie basic semi seal streamers, just watch or tie all 4 different leech styles. I am trying to keep everything super simple and straight forward! The materials list is in the post just below!

Here is the Zoom Meeting Link:


Sunday, November 21, 2021

First Fly Tying Session on Zoom is December 6th-Tying Leeches

 Hi Everybody!

Our first fly tying session will be Monday December 6th at 7 pm on Zoom! I will send everyone a link so you can tune in and tie along with me.

I will be tying  basic streamers, balanced leeches and balanced ruby-eyed leeches.

You will need the following:

Hook: 3xl streamer hook (e.g. Mustad 9671 or 9672) or balanced fly set up (jig hook size 10, pin and 1/8th tungsten bead )

Thread: Black thread 6/0

Tail: Black, Brown or Olive Marabou

Body: You favourite streamer coloured semi seal or Ice Dub

Bead: 1/8 inch brass bead or tungsten AND a 5/32 cone head brass or tungsten

You will need a dubbing twister for the session too!

See you soon!


Monday, November 15, 2021

Would YOU Pay to Play?

I never thought that I would go to a private location to fly fish, paying a rod fee. Many of my American and Canadian friends regularly head to private ponds, ranches, lakes and spring creeks to fly fish. Here in Alberta, there are several places you can fly fish after paying a rod fee. Personally, it was something I was not that interested in but after trying it, I would definitely do it again.

What I discovered was a day with my friends in a private intimate place turned out to be an amazing experience. There was a lot of laughing, relaxing, catching and just plain having a great time. It was a quality experience and I could tell by the smiles and laughter that everyone was having a blast!

My friend Leon and several of his friends head to private locations for three or four days at a time. After looking at the photos and hearing the stories, one can tell the gang was having a blast. I even spent a day with a group at a private fly fishing location just to be there and take photos. I did not even fly fish!

Days at fishing spots with a group of friends, willing fish and quiet surrounds are to be treasured. Battling a massive rainbow or catching a large brook trout is an opportunity many the avid fly fisher hopes to have. By looking at the quality of the fish caught, the smiles on the faces of the individuals and the peace of having space to fish, you can tell the opportunities are fantastic. Would you pay to play?