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Monday, April 12, 2021

Snow Squalls Did Not Slow Us Down

The ice is starting to come off some of our pot hole lakes. Karen and I have been patiently waiting to get back at it!. We did find some open water around a lot of ice. We definitely had to bundle up. The snow squalls were sending several volleys of heavy snow at us. We were warm and comfortable and we even caught a few fish! 


Monday, April 5, 2021

A Fabulous Day on the River with Steve Luethi

Steve Luethi photo

The river called both Steve and I today! It was a great opportunity to do some exploring and to cast big streamers and, hopefully, to connect with a big brown. 

The day dawned cold, really cold. We had to do some bushwacking to get to our destination. The river was low and clear. Once on the river, slush was everywhere because the mercury plunged down close to -10C the night before. Our streamers has trouble sinking through the slush. Luckily that quickly changed by late morning. We worked our articulated streamers through lots of water. I finally connected with a mid-sized brown that tried to destroy my 5 inch white streamer. That was cool!

Steve Luethi photo

We got another smaller brown on a big streamer. It was holding in a long run.

We constantly stopped fly fishing to watch eagles doing a very cool mating flight. Neither of us had seen that before. 

As the day warmed, we found tiny winter black stoneflies everywhere. It was neat to take some time to photograph them scurrying on the ice shelves.

I finally decided to switch to nymphing early in the afternoon. That was a great decision. I put on a wiggle worm and a small flashback . We suspected that there were Rocky Mountain whitefish in the run we were fishing. Well, the next hour was constant action. The classic riffle-drop-pool was filled with rockies and a few browns. We had a lot of fun taking pictures of the rockies. Steve had a new lens he wanted to try out. And that he did! Steve has an amazing eye for picture composition.

As we continued to explore a braided section of the river, we found a beaver house. We connected with three browns in front of the beaver house. The browns were not large but an added bonus to an already fabulous big blue sky day on the water.

We both got back to Steve's truck with a bit of a sunburn and I know I needed to rehydrate! The drive home was fortunately not too long! 

What a day. The best part of the day was spending it with my friend. If we had connected with a giant brown, the day would have been perfect. We will have to settle for a close to perfect day! We will be back to find that big brown another time.

Steve Luethi photo

Steve Luethi photo

Steve Luethi photo

Steve Luethi photo

Steve Luethi photo

Steve Luethi photo

Steve Luethi photo

Steve Luethi photo


Sunday, April 4, 2021

No Fly Tying on Zoom on Easter Monday April 5th

 Hi Everyone!

There is no fly tying on Zoom on Easter Monday April 5th. I will send out a note about Zoom sessions in the future!

Happy Easter Everyone!


First Fly Fishing Trip of the New Season was a Windy Affair

Colin Allison photo

Vaccinated two weeks ago, check! Finally April 1st is here and that is the date that several of our rivers and streams open. My neighbour, Colin (you guessed it, vaccinated), and I decided to head west and do some fly fishing. It was April 1st and the wind was no joke. The wind was definitely howling. No matter, we needed to get out for the day. The big shock was the lack of snow and practically no ice shelves in places that should have 3 footers everywhere. Colin and I decided to do lots of walking. We found some water to fly fish. I connected with 3 trout and landed one. We saw lots of animals over the course of the day as well. It felt great to wander alongside some flowing water.

Well as the day started to wind down, we headed back to Red Deer. We were both amazed at the number of trailers already heading out to the west country. I see that several pit toilets have been installed along Highway 11. That is great news.

In no time at all, it will be ice off on our local pot hole lakes.