Thursday, May 19, 2022

Here is the Link to check ACA's Stocking Report

The Alberta Conservation Association also stocks several bodies of water including several in Central Alberta! Check the ACA Stocking Report RIGHT HERE!


Tying the Balanced Tokaryk Special

The Tokaryk Special tied either balanced or just as a streamer is a winner. Phil can show you all the modifications that have been made over the years. I personally have had excellent success with this fly pattern. Take a look, Phil ties this version with Tungsten Head Turner Beads. I always have this pattern along. I have used this fly when daphnia are the main food source for the trout instead of a blob.

Take a look!


Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Cow Lake Stocking-Wow!

 I hope this works out! Anybody got a calculator?

Monday, May 16, 2022

Excellent Chironomid Action

What a beauty of a day. Big blue sky, warm, a chironomid hatch and a good friend to spend a day with on the water! Doug and I launched his pram at 9:30 am and after motoring for 10 minutes, we set up in 14 feet of water. Based on what happened the day before with Karen and I, we set up with "chromie" type chironomids, specifically a Rusty Nail, an excellent John Kent design of a very silvery chironomid. We were into trout right away. The first few throat samples had a lot of small scuds and a few silvery chironomid pupa that were size 10. The trout became quite active later in the morning. The chironomid hatch seemed to tail off in the early afternoon and the trout were slashing at boatmen. We decided to fish shallower. I fished with a small brill micro leech and caught a few rainbows but the John Kent's Rusty Nail still out shone other flies. Throat samples began to show that the chironomids were getting darker. That was similar to what we saw yesterday so we tied on PBRs, Phil's Black and Red Chironomid in sizes 10 and 12. The PBR certainly got the attention of the rainbows. We were back to fishing in "Bernie" water (12 feet down)or just a bit deeper. Doug caught several sizeable rainbows. It was good to see several larger well conditioned rainbows.

Today may have been the nicest day to fly fish this spring. The trout were certainly cooperative today. I hope tomorrow brings us another great day on the water!

Early morning throat sample-lots of small scuds!

Red Brown Midge Flex is available through Rainy's

Phil's Black and Red (PBR) Chironomid

Chromies started to show up as the chironomid hatch got going!

The Rainbows were slashing at the water boatmen as the day progressed.

A PBR in the lip of a rainbow!


Sunday, May 15, 2022

Chironomid Fly Fishing in "Bernie Water!"

It felt great to get back out on the water today after a trip to Ontario to spend quality time with my family! Just before heading home, I watched our dear friend, Bernie's farewell that was streamed from England. It was a very fitting gathering of family and friends to say good bye!

Today Karen and I decided we would fly fish in "Bernie Water!" That is 12 feet of water for those who are wondering. Bernie always started off chironomid fly fishing in 12 feet of water. That was his go to depth. As Karen and I motored out to our starting spot, we could see large chironomid adults on the water. We started off with a size 10 Rusty Nail and added a size 10 Black Sally after a while. We were catching nice rainbows from 9 am right until we quit at 2 ish!

I am pretty sure that Bernie was onto something. Twelve feet down is a great way to start and in our case, end too! Thanks Bernie for the great advice!

Take a look at the cool video Karen shot today of a chironomid emerging.


Friday, May 6, 2022

Dickson Trout Pond is Now Stocked


I went for a walk along the causeway at Dickson Trout Pond two days ago. I could see the newly stocked tigers and rainbows cruising along the edge of the shoreline drop off. I suspect close to 15 000 catchable rainbows and tigers were put into Dickson. I did see the loons having a great time at the expense of the freshly stocked trout! I did fly fish and I caught some carry overs from last year along with some stockers.

These images are from last November. It is interesting to note that Dickson maybe the largest lake in Central Alberta. It has excellent structure-humps and some excellent weedlines. Give it a go!

Now THAT was a BEAST

My buddy Dave landed a beast the other day! He could not believe his good fortune! 


Wednesday, May 4, 2022

More Cutthroat Trout Pictures Thanks to Betty and Steve

Betty and Steve MacKenzie had a great week of fly fishing in Washington State too! They were coming just as we had to head back to Red Deer. They too caught many beautifully coloured cutthroat trout! Betty is a very creative fly tier and she designed several excellent damsel patterns that caught the attention of the cutthroat! Well done Betty and Steve!


Wild turkeys that we saw each day on the way to the lake!