Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday January 31, 2011

Hi Everybody!

Evan Ritchie was our guest tyer tonight and 25 tyers spent the evening learning to tie several bucktail streamers. Evan's streamers covered brook, brown and rainbow trout. Many of us had our first opportunity to tie jungle cock eyes into our streamers. Jungle cock is hard (and expensive) to get. As always, Evan brought several neat patterns. Evan says try some of them on the Bow River. They work great there and he also bets they will do well in some of the trophy lakes in Manitoba. Thanks Evan, for an excellent evening of fly tying instruction.

Next week, Tim Maley is our guest tyer. Tim has requested that everybody bring a needle (sewing variety) as well as yellow and green antron (we will have the antron on hand if you do not have any).

Remember that the Big Flies for Big Fish Workshop with Phil Rowley is this Saturday at West Park Middle School starting at 9 am. Come a bit early and have a coffee. We are going to put in an order for pizza or bring your lunch. There will be a materials fee of $10. If you have the following material, please bring it:

6/0 White Thread

6/0 or 3/0 Yellow Thread

Holographic or Red Flashabou

Red Crystal Flash

Pearl Crystal Flash

Superglue for attaching eyes, Loctite Gel Type preferred (Wal-Mart)

Gold Mylar, Tinsel, or Diamond Braid

Dubbing Spinner

Side cutters for cutting hooks and wire etc.

Tonight we also had a visit from Jason Cooper, a biologist, from Alberta Fish and Wildlife. He brought several donated boxes of tying material from Jim Currie(I may have the spelling wrong). I will take a look at the material and distribute it in the next week or so.

Little Brook Trout

Hook: Streamer 2-12 XL
Tail: Bright green bucktail
Rib: Flat silver
Body: White yarn or dubbing
Wing: Four hair layers, badger over green over orange over white bucktail
Head: Black lacquered

Little Brown Trout Bucktail

Hook: streamer 2-12 XL
Tail: small pheasant breast feather
Rib: Red wire
Body: White yarn or dubbing
Wing: Four layers of hair, dark brown squirrel over dark grey squirrel over red bucktail over yellow bucktail
Cheeks: Jungle Cock Eyes or sub
Head: Black lacquered

Little Rainbow Trout Bucktail
Hook: Streamer 2-12 XL
Tail: Green bucktail
Rib: Silver tinsel
Body: Pink-white yarn or dubbing
Wing: Four layers of hair, badger over bright green over pink over white bucktail
Cheeks: Jungle Cock Eyes or sub
head: Black laquered

Bernie says this fly is perfection.

Lining up the jungle cock eyes.

The Gang

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday January 24th, 2011

Hi Everybody!

Bernie Peet was our guest fly tyer tonight. 22 fly tyers were taught 4 highly effective British fly patterns. Bernie is a very precise tyer. He likes to ensure that each pattern has the proper proportions. That certainly helps to make his patterns great imitations that trout find hard to refuse. Bernie did forget his vice and that meant he had to endure Bob's Thompson Vice. Another excellent evening thanks to Bernie's leadership.

We have but one spot left for the Phil Rowley Fly Tying Seminar on February 5th. Let Bob know if you want to come.

We now have 8 spots taken on the trip to The Parkland Region of Manitoba on June 9th-June 13th. Phil Rowley will be hosting the trip along with Bob and Karen Vanderwater. There are still 4 spots left although Phil will be offering those 4 spots to any interested fly fishers starting this Friday January 28th at the Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition. I would love to see the trip fill up with our gang. If you decide to go, contact Bob by Thursday.

Remember that the Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition is this weekend in Calgary at Spruce Meadows.

Next week Evan Ritchie is our guest tyer. Evan is one of the original members who got this fly tying group up and running. I think Evan is going to buy a new bottle of head cement before next week. He discovered that his head cement was "Hard as Nails." Grin!

Bernie Peet at the vice!

The Crisp Packet Buzzer

Hook: Size 12 scud/midge hook, eg. Daiichi 1130

Thread: 8/0 black or olive for the green version

Rib: Fine flat pearl mylar

Cheeks: Orange foil from Doritos tangy cheese flavour

Optional thorax cover: Medium pearl mylar

Coated with: Hard as Hull or Hard as Nails

The Shipman’s Buzzer

Thread: Black or red 8/0

Hook: Size 12, wet fly standard shank(2x long),, eg. Daiichi 1550

Breathers: White Antron yarn

Rib: Medium pearl mylar

Body: Black reddish brown, orange or green seal’s fur or other rough dubbing

Diawl Bach (Little Devil)

Hook: Size 12, wet fly standard shank (1x or 2x long), eg. Daiichi 1550

Thread: Reddish brown or red 8.0

Tail: Small bunch of red/brown or ginger cock hackle (Cheap Chinese or Indian will do)

Body: 2-3 strands of peacock herl

Rib: Medium copper wire.

Beard hackle: As tail

Bernie’s Daiwl Bach Variant

As above but:

Rib: Fine holographic red tinsel

Head/thorax: Small (ideally) or medium black crystal chenille (no beard hackle)

Bernie loves chronomids!

The gang at work.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday January 17, 2011

Hi Everybody!

Dr. Bill Young was our guest tyer tonight. Bill had 24 avid fly tyers learn to tie 2 pike flies that Bill used in the Yukon to catch monster pike. We learned to tie a mouse pattern with deer hair and made an enormous foam pattern that the group offered up several names. The group thought the foam looked like licorice so Bill had a flashback to younger days and called it "All Sorts" while Betty suggested calling it "Buffy the Pike Slayer." Both flies will certainly entice a plump pike. Thanks, Bill, for another marvalous tying session. Remember don't let your cat get near that deer hair mouse!

There are 2 spots left for the Rowley Workshop on February 5th. Phil will like to remind everybody that he is saving the June 9th to June 13th for our group in Manitoba. Let me know before the Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition that is at Spruce Meadows the final weekend in January. At that time, Phil will open up the trip to any interested fly fishers. We still have 8 spots left. Let Bob or Karen know if you want to get in on this fabulous trip.

Next week Bernie Peet is our guest tyer. I bet there will be an English fly pattern or two. See you then!

Dr. Bill Young

Deer Hair Mouse

Hook: size 2 4xl hook with a wide gap (we used a steelhead hook with a turned up eye)
Tail: polypropolene
Body: Deer hair

"All Sorts' or "Buffy the Pike Slayer"

Hook: Size 4 (e.g. Mustad 9672)
Tail: Deer Hair
Body: Antron (color to suit)
Hackle: Brown saddle
Legs: Rubber
Rib: Copper Wire
Body: Foam glued (orange, black and tan) with 3 M spray adhesive (super 77) You can buy it at Canadian Tire.

Our tying group has all ages.

Nice mouse Katy!

The gang at work!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday January 10, 2011

Hi Everybody!

Phil Nash was our guest tyer tonight. 21 tyers made it out to learn how to tie a San Juan Worm with Larva Lace and a Letort Hopper. The Larva Lace San Juan Worm is a great looking pattern that will certainly produce on our trout waters. The translucent effect of the larva lace with an acetate floss underbody certainly makes the pattern effective. The Letort Hopper is a straight forward pattern that requires some precision with deer hair. Phil's presentation was excellent. We also appreciate Phil's effort to drive in from Wetaskiwin on such a cold night.

A few important notes. We have just two (maybe three spots) for the Phil Rowley Saturday Workshop on February 5th. The theme is Big Flies for Big Fish. Call or e-mail Bob to secure a spot.

A return trip to the Parkland Region of Manitoba is in the final planning stage. The trip starts Thursday June 9th with supper at Arrow Lake Lodge and goes to Monday June 13th. Monday June 13th your are on your own to travel back home or fish. The cost is $625 (I was $25 off in my last post, sorry). The 4 days will include daily seminars, hands on fishing including time with Phil in his boat. The cost also includes all food and accommodation. The trip will be offered to our group exclusively until the end of January.

The camaraderie on this trip makes for lots of fun. Phil Rowley does a great job with the seminars and out on the water. This trip has 12 spots and 4 are already gone (from our group). Let Bob know asap if you want to get on the trip.

Phil Nash leading the group
Larva Lace San Juan Worm

Hook: Mustad 37160 sizes 2 to 12
Thread: red 6/0
Underbody: Acetate floss (try pink, red and maroon) covered with flex cement
Overbody: Larva Lace clear/medium

Letort Hopper
Hook: standard dry fly hook sizes 6 to 10
Body: yellow fentex (or equivalent)
Wing:Deer hair
Head: Deer Hair

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Great Start to a New Fly Tying Season

Happy 2011 Everybody!

The Central Alberta Fly Tyers kicked off the 2011 tying season at West Park Middle School. 23 tyers made it out. We had several newcomers out tonight. That was impressive considering were were competing with Team Canada playing the USA at the World Juniors. Way to go Canada with a solid 4-1 victory! Tonight's theme was the Pheasant Tail Nymph. There are many variations of Frank Sawyer's original pattern that was tied with merely pheasant and copper wire. We tied the pheasant tail nymph unweighted and with a bead.

Bob and Karen also put on a slide show that included the club trips to the Parkland Region of Manitoba and their trip to Tasmania and New Zealand.

We have a few reminders for you. We are quickly filling up the Phil Rowley Workshop on Saturday February 5th. There are 5 spots remaining. The theme is Big Flies for Big Fish. It will be an excellent workshop that will include everything from tube flies, double bunnies and gurglers. I will post a detailed itinerary in a day or two.

I have had several inquiries about a return trip to the Parkland Region of Manitoba. Phil, Karen and I have secured Arrow Lake Lodge in the Parkland Region of Manitoba. from June 9th to the 13th. We will be offering the trip to our club members first until the end of January and then it will be opened up to any takers. The trip will cost approximately $600. That will include accommodation, food, seminars and fishing with Phil on the lakes. The seminars will be largely new material. The trip will be limited to 12 individuals.

Next week Phil Nash is our presenter. You will enjoy Phil's sense of humour. Phil has two flies planned that will be welcome additions to your fly box. See you next Monday.

The Gang Tying Pheasant Tail Nymphs

Frank Sawyer's original pheasant tail nymph tied with pheasant tail and copper wire
Unweighted Pheasant Tail Nymph
Hook: Nymph hook-Mustad 9671/ 3906B/curved caddis hooks sizes 10-18
Tail: pheasant tail
Body: pheasant tail
Rib: copper wire
Shellback: pheasant tail
Thorax: peacock herl

Orange Butt Pheasant Tail

Bead: gold, brass, black 7/64th
Tail: Pheasant
Butt: hot orange rabbit
Body: pheasant tail
Rib: copper wire
Shellback: pearl mylar
Thorax: peacock herl

Flashback Nymph

Bead: gold, brass, black 7/64th
Tail: peasant tail
Body: pheasant tail
Shell back: pearl mylar
Thorax: peacock herl
Legs: midge flex-brown
Rib:copper wire small