Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Honoring Bob Scammell

(from left to right)
Doug Pullen, Bob Vanderwater, Jim McLennan, Bob Scammell, Neil Waugh, Don Pike and Dr. Bill Young

Hi Everybody!

The Central Alberta Chapter of Trout Unlimited has made an effort to recognize and honor members of our community that have made a significant contribution to our chapter over the years.

Last week we took the time to honor Bob Scammell. Bob has written an outdoor column that has been published in our main Alberta newspapers for over 45 years. Bob’s columns have earned him several outdoor writer awards from both Outdoor Writers of Canada and the Outdoor Writers Association of America. Bob has also received so many more writing awards. Bob was recently inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame.

Bob has served as president of the Alberta Fish and Game Association and was involved in the Canadian Wildlife Federation. Bob was one of the founding members of the Alberta Conservation Association and was a director from 1988 to 2002. Bob’s volunteering goes past his passion for the outdoors and right into the community of Red Deer. Bob volunteered with the Red Deer Regional Public Library for many years and the Legal Aid Society of Alberta.

The North Raven River restoration was part of the very first Bucks for Wildlife Project in Alberta. If you have been a regular follower of Bob’s column, you would have the opportunity to understand his passionate perspective on the importance of protecting public land.

It was a prividge for several members of our executive to sit and listen to Don Pike from Trout Unlimited Canada, noted authors and fly fishers: Jim McLennan and Neil Waugh to tell some fun stories that involved Bob over the years. Neil brought several books that Bob was either the author or was written about. One excerpt from John Geirach made me smile. John wrote a chapter in his book, Fool’s Paradise, about Bob’s book called the Phenological Fly. Neil enjoyed pointing out some of the thoughts that were written. It made for lots of laughter and raised eyebrows at the luncheon. Jim recalled many an adventure in his early years as a fly fisher with Bob. Bob was glad to add many anecdotes to the foray.

Don Pike presented Bob a certificate of Appreciation on behalf of Trout Unlimited Canada thanking him for his contributions for almost 5 decades to trout fishing. As Don Pike pointed out, Bob is a great friend of Trout Unlimited Canada. Bob has also made several contributions to our local chapter. His photography and books have always been included in our dinner auctions over the years.

Bob has lost lots of his mobility over the past several years because of a disease that has cause his leg muscles to atrophy. He still writes his weekly column in the Red Deer Advocate as well as other Alberta newspapers.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Another "100 Year" Flood on the Red Deer River

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Our fellow Albertans to the south of us as well as Canmore, have their hands full with devastating destructive flooding. Many of our rivers are in flood and several are at epic proportions. The destruction has displaced so many Albertans. It has been heart wrenching to watch on the news. I hope that the rivers quickly recede. Talking about fly fishing on our rivers seem quite petty right now with all of the destruction. The Red Deer River in town is now flowing at 1300 m3/sec. That is a phenomenal volume of water. Low lying areas are flooding as the spillway above Red Deer releases incredible volumes of water. Stay safe and well away from our waters. 

This is third time I have seen the "100 Year" flood since 1995. 

The Red Deer River at Bower Ponds.

Two Hours later

Just below West Park area in Red Deer.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fly Fishing the Parkland Region of Manitoba

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Several of our gang just returned from a trip to the trophy waters in the Parkland Region of Manitoba. We were dealt a mixed bag of weather this year. We did have some beautiful weather days but the wind and thunderstorms kept us off balance. Nevertheless the fly fishing was excellent. Many members of our club camped in the area and several of our group stayed at Arrow Lake Lodge with Phil Rowley and Flycraft Angling Adventures. We encountered some amazing chironomid action as well as working the shoreline looking for browns and rainbows that were chasing forage fish. We had to change our tactics almost on a daily and sometimes hourly basis but that made the rewards even greater.
The best part of the trip as always is the friends who come together to have a great time. 

Here is a short video of a big brown trout caught by Pauline Loos. Pauline comes out every year and she always tags into some amazing fish!

These angry clouds made us walk the shoreline of Patterson Lake one afternoon. We were glad we did because the fly fishing was amazing.

Doug tangling with a rainbow.

Walk and Wade Success

Swans at Tokaryk Lake.

Doug having a great time during a chironomid hatch.

Doug with a beauty of a brown trout. Tokaryk Lake had a great chironomid action that day. The interesting part is how many browns we caught.

The food is always fantastic!

Twin Lakes tiger trout!

Stalking browns and rainbows along the shoreline is one of my favourite things to do on the lakes in Manitoba.

Coming in from walleye fishing at Arrow Lake. 

Karen really wanted to fire up the 40 hp but it was electric motors only that day.

Karen caught this beauty over a sunken island area at Patterson Lake.

It is amazing to me that a 10 pound rainbow will eat a size 12 chironomid. What a trophy Larry.

 A beautiful brown again caught during a chironomid hatch.

Phil Rowley having a great time with his close friends Barry and Pauline.

Perfect day!

Rick and Larry in action.