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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

A Milestone Yesterday for Our Blog

 We broke the 500 000 visits mark for our blog. Now that is incredible! Thanks for visiting!

Something to Keep in Mind excellent reminder from Trout Unlimited


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Keep'em Wet and In the Water When the Water Warms

Doug and I spent the day chasing rainbows. We both agreed to not lift any fish out of the water. The water temperature was 65F. We experienced a cold front, wind when the cold front left then one beauty of an afternoon! The action was decent considering the weather changes we dealt with!


Chasing Hatches BUT, ...

Chasing hatches is always a great adventure. At times, you get thunderstormed real good. Steve, Brandon and I will be back!


Monday, June 14, 2021

Downtown on the Red Deer River

Oh baby it is hot outside today. Karen and I decided to hit the Red Deer River in town. There are lots of places to fly fish too! We are lucky enough to walk right out the door of our house and be fly fishing in less than 5 minutes. The Red Deer River is off colour (about 2 feet of visibility) and reasonably low today for this time of the year!

Karen wanted to cast dry flies and she had some takes but no hook ups. I nymphed and the good old wiggle worm helped me catch several goldeye!

Look for a riffle with a drop. You might find a goldeye, whitefish, walleye, pike or a brown trout! Lots of bugs were hatching today.

One of my favourite hatches is amping up!

So frustrating to continually find evidence of poaching. Sigh. Have the Report a Poacher Number handy and on quick dial. Take a photo and send it in!


Saturday, June 12, 2021

Wiggle Worms Work Great on Stillwaters

My neighbour Colin and I were out enjoying a beautiful day on a local lake yesterday. We tangled with a few fish but it was the day after a cold front passed through. It was cool and breezy. Colin suggested we should tie on a wiggle worm. I did not really think he was serious but what the heck. Surprise, the rainbows smashed them. The throat samples clearly were indicating the trout were eating blood worms. Well we caught several beautiful specimens. The key is to fish the blood worm imposters very close to the bottom. Just attached your forcepts or a weight to your fly to measure depth to your strike indicator. I got one throat sample that was full of mud and worms. The rainbows were nosing right into the bottom to get after the blood worms. By the way, take a look at the throat sample below. Some of the blood worm samples are white. Interesting. I have encountered several samples like this lately!

Caddis are on our local waters. Be sure to have some small sedge like patterns along. The rainbows were smashing them yesterday.

Please be aware that water temperatures are climbing. When we get into the high 60sF, it is time to give the trout a break. Maybe hit a walleye lake, a river or target lake whitefish.


Thursday, June 10, 2021

Rainy Drizzly Day on the Water

Does unsettled weather make you stay at home instead of going out to your favourite waters? Karen, Colin and I decided to get the G3 out of the garage and hit a local lake. We bundled up and made sure our rain gear was at hand. The drizzly weather helped again for another day to lower water temperatures which were close to 60F today. We did not see the caddis action like yesterday but the rainbows did like our shrimp imitations as well as our leech imposters. What was the best fly of the day? ... a Vampire Leech. More research tomorrow!

Don't let a rainy day slow you down. It might be an unforgetable day of fantastic fly fishing!


Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Caddis on our Local Lakes

Karen and I decided to try to get out for a few hours before the approaching cold front arrived. We did not get to our destination too early but when we were setting up our Spring Creek Pram, I could see fish sipping something on the surface. Caddis!

We did not have to fish deep today. We did not even use a caddis imitation although fishing shallow, in other words 3-5 feet down, in any depth of water was quite productive. If I took the time to set up a soft hackle Pheasant Tail nymph so I could cast and retrieve, I am sure I would have had a decent amount of success.

Karen and I kept moving to where the fish were sipping caddis and we had excellent success. The water temperature was anywhere from 61F to 63F. We decided to not lift any fish out of the water. We did take a few throat samples. We quickly unpinned the rainbows and sent them on their way!

The cold front arrived early in the afternoon. Just before the cold front pushed in, the fly fishing was outstanding. As the rain intensified, we decided to call it a day. It was only a quick 20 minute drive home to a late lunch and a cappuccino!

Soft hackle nymphs stripped just below the surface can lead to savage strikes!


Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Fish the Edges During High Water

You can imagine my big smile when I checked the flow rates on the Red Deer River this morning. Karen and I decided to brave the mud and root around the dam area to see if any fish were active.  The water was quite clear but humming along. We slogged our way through the muddy areas and got to one of our usual spots to fly fish. The water was fast flowing and we got a few strikes. It seemed that our nymphs were moving too fast. We added split shot but no real success. As we wandered back to the truck, we fished every eddy that was along our route. We finally approached a long riffle and ran our nymphs right along the bank. I saw a rise and ran my nymph over the rise area and bam, fish on! It was a brown trout. That made me smile. I was able to land the brown and quickly pop it off without it leaving the water. Karen and I decided to spend some time working the water right against the bank.  Our nymphs were just two feet out from the bank. We connected with several rocky mountain whitefish, a couple of which were quite sizeable. The funny part for me was we fished one of the areas that always has fly fisherman on a daily basis. The fish moved to the edges to avoid the high flow rates. We almost walked right by the best water to fly fish. Thankfully the brown trout reminded us to cover the edges.