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Thursday, September 16, 2021

One of My Favourite Fall Days at Patterson Lake in Manitoba

I love fly fishing in Manitoba! The fly fishing is at times amazing but the best part are people we meet and fly fish with! My buddy Phil Rowley was gearing up to shoot a New Fly Fisher Episode in the Parkland Region. Phil had a half day to fly fish at Patterson Lake. The fly fishing was outstanding. Phil, our buddy Larry and I had a hoot! We rarely get to fly fish in the same boat together! We laughed for 4 straight hours and caught some amazing brown trout! Eventually Phil had to go back to Russell for a meeting. Larry and I motored to the dock to drop off Phil. On the way back out , a rain squall came through and a spectacular rainbow came out as the shower passed by. Larry quickly angled the boat so I could get a few shots! Larry and I continued to fish. Larry caught one of the biggest lake brown trout I have ever seen. I was quite envious! We eventually motored back to the dock to pick up Barry Acton. Barry was the videographer and editor for Phil's New Fly Fisher shoot. Barry loves fly fishing too. We motored to an area we call the Southern Cross. In the back corner, Barry hooked a big male brown trout that had incredible colours. Moments later, Larry hooked a sizeable rainbow. Both trout were landed. It was late in the day. We caught a few more trout but were were all quite thrilled with our success. We were laughing and having one fabulous time. Yes, we had a great day but it really was because of the great individuals we spent time with in the boat!


Friday, September 10, 2021

Whitefish on the Red Deer River

Karen and I always enjoy fly fishing for whitefish on the Red Deer River. Everyone has their favourite spots. We do too! Today we had a few hours and dashed out the door. We set up with size 16 Rainbow Warriors and Wiggle Worms. The rockies liked both patterns. The rockies likes riffle like water. It does not have to be deep either. We always have split shot handy so we are close to the bottom! Rocky Mountain Whitefish are a very scrappy fish! Take care when releasing them too. They sometimes need a few moments to revive!

Garter Snakes are on the move this time of the year! Keep an eye out!


Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Beautiful Backcountry Brookies

The long weekend is behind us but Karen and I saw what looked like a great week of high pressure over the mountains! Karen wanted to hike to a backcountry lake that is full of colourful brookies that love to eat chernobyls. Well it was going to be an early start to the day. We climbed into the Gulf station wagon along with Pepper the maniac elkhound at 5 am and we headed well into Banff National Park. We were heading up a steep trail at 8:15 am. It was a cool 2C so the walking felt great. After 2 hours, we topped out over a mountain pass and there was our lake. The sun was just warming up the lake area as we started to fly fish. The brookies loved rising up to our Orange Crush chernobyls. It was a big blue sky day and we had the lake to ourselves. We did see a few day hikers passing by in the distance although the only ones fly fishing was Karen, a loon, an osprey and me! 

The brookies are absolutely beautiful. We had 4 hours of steady action. By late afternoon, Pepper let us know that it was time to head back to the car! We wandered back.  We walked over 20 km and there was lots of up! It was one of those days in the mountains where you wanted to linger for hours and just enjoy where you were. The warm sun, great view, fabulous fly fishing and the amazing company made the day outstanding!