Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Damsels on Zoom- Monday January 31st at 7 pm MST

On Monday January 31st at 7 pm MST we will be taking a good look at damsel fly patterns. Find some olive marabou, some small copper wire, some opal mylar tinsel, some blue 2 mm foam, grizzly hackle and some blue dubbing! A size 12 curved nymph hook and a Daiichi 1260, 1270 or 1760 or a TMC 200R will do as well although 3906B size 10 will get you by! I will tie up a blue flash damsel but do not worry about chasing the materials for that one.

Marabou Damsel- Randall Kaufman originator

Blue Flash Damsel (Barry Ord Clarke's version)

Parachute Damsel (Charlie Craven)


Fly Fishing Casa Blanca in Mexico

FINALLY some of our friends made it to Casa Blanca in Mexico to fly fish for bonefish, permit and tarpon! My buddy Scott caught his first permit ever just 60 minutes after heading out! That is amazing! All these pictures are courtesy of Scott Fink. It sure wets my appetite to get back to the flats in the Caribbean soon!


Another Great Blood Worm Pattern from the Vice of Phil Rowley


The Fork Tailed Devil balances perfectly and will be a great addition to your still water fly box. So easy to tie too! Take a look!