Monday, July 29, 2019

Great Bear Lake, Laker Fly Fishing at Plummers Arctic Lodge

Our adventure to the Arctic was amazing. After a flight to Yellowknife from Calgary,  we flew on a turbo prop charter to a gravel runway at Plummer's Arctic Lodge. Chummy Plummer greeted us at the runway and we then took a boat to the lodge. A quick meal, gathering our fishing license, getting our cabin set up and then we were off to fish for lake trout. The lakers at Great Bear Lake grow to an impressive size and the larger ones can be over 50 years old. Using a full sink line and our Bauer Rigs with wiggle tailed deceivers caught our group countless numbers of lakers. We caught several lake trout during our stay that edged towards 30 pounds. I spent a lot of time casting and retrieving articulated flies with excellent success. 

The one downside to Great Bear is when the wind rears its ugly head. Luckily that happened only once. Reid Stoybery from our club works at Great Bear Lake. Reid organized our guides and our fishing for the week. It was an outstanding week for sure. We also did two fly outs, one for arctic grayling and one for arctic char. More to come!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Getting Ready for Another Adventure to the North

The anticipation is amazing. We are heading back to Plummers Arctic Lodge for a week. Two years ago we had an outstanding trip to the north to catch monster lake trout, arctic grayling and beautiful arctic char. The trip starts off with a flight from Calgary to Yellowknife. The 6 of us will then catch a charter to Great Bear Lake and then the real adventure begins. Our fly boxes have been filled and we are ready to go. We have gone through our notes from the last trip and that should help us to be well prepared.

The pictures below are from the trip two years ago.