Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall in the Parkland Region of Manitoba

Hi Everybody!

Late September in the Parkland Region of Manitoba is spectacular. The fall colours are stunning; the brown trout, rainbows and tigers are all on the prowl looking for forage fish to help them bulk up for the long winter. The weather was excellent and the water temperature was just moving into that zone that trout love. We caught numerous trophies but what caught my eye was the beauty of the Parkland Region of Manitoba. The geese were on the move, the leaves were in their glory and the fishing excellent. I caught myself just plain taking in the colours and sounds of fall.

This post is more of a picture essay of the beauty of the Parkland Region of Manitoba.

This was our view each morning from the deck at Arrow Lake Lodge

The browns at this time of the year have stunning colours.

My buddy Doug caught numerous trophy sized fish during his stay.

Rick's new Mystic rod was constantly bent tangling with big trout!

Picture perfect morning!

A beauty of tiger trout!

These gigantic rainbows were caught everyday. 

The NHL started up while we were in Manitoba. Time to show my colors. Yes, I get lots of abuse!

Driving the back roads of central Manitoba is beautiful in the fall.

Phil and Larry with two beautiful Patterson Lake rainbows at Cut Throat Bay!

Phil and Colin working on an episode of the New Fly Fisher. The theme is forage fish! They gathered lots of great video!

I love the brown trout in the Parkland Region. 

Great action!

Colourful browns!

Phil with a feisty Patterson Lake rainbow!

A beautiful back drop to film an episode of the New Fly Fisher!

Reid Stoyberg's Summer, Guiding at Plummer's Lodge

Reid Stoyberg from our our gang, spent his summer guiding at Plummer's Lodge on Great Bear Lake. After talking with Reid and hearing his stories, I knew that he had an amazing summer that was full of challenges and tremendous moments. Luckily for us, Reid took his Go pro and digital camera. He took the time to make a video of some of his experiences. Take a look:

Reid 's Summer Guiding at Plummer's Lodge on Great Bear Lake and the Tree River