Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Come and Help with Habitat Work on Stauffer Creek on August 11 or 12th, 2012

Hi Everybody!

Don Anderson is organizing a day of habitat work on Stauffer Creek. We need about 10 volunteers to get the work completed. Please contact Don Anderson if you are able to come:

Don Andersen  

I am looking for people to spend about 4 to 6 hours building and installing 
some willow bundles into one of the springs used for spawning trout on 
the Stauffer Creek.

Below is a copy of the cover letter sent to Dept. of Fisheries and 
Oceans describing the project. I recieved thier " Letter of Advice" this 

When August 11 or 12/12

The Central Alberta Chapter of Trout Unlimited is requesting permission 
of your agency to repair and/or install as required willow bundles into 
a small side spring to the North Raven River. The spring is <> 400 
meters in length and is used by brook trout for spawning. Previously, 
the Central Alberta Chapter installed willow bundles in this spring when 
the major works were undertaken in 1997 to narrow, deepen and stabilize 
the silt from the agricultural activities previously located along the 
stream. It was hoped that the willow bundles previously installed would 
last until the natural willows now growing along the banks matured and 
died. Unfortunately, the bundles did not last quite long enough. It is 
hoped that natural vegetation will supplement and finally replace the 
willow bundles installed in 2012 over the next 10 years.

SRD, during a one day snap shot of fish use in this area in 2011, 
identified the lack of cover as a possible constraint to fish reproduction.

Why do the project: This spring creek has very little instream cover 
naturally as most of the trees were killed when the farmer feed his cows 
in this area. Although the stream has been fenced to exclude cows for a 
number of years, the willows along the bank have not yet reached the 
falling down stage which would naturally provide the instream cover 
utilized by swim up fry.

Where: The actual project is located within the Ecological Easement on 
NW-17-37-5-W5. The spring is <>400 meters long and is heavily utilized 
by Brook Trout for spawning activities. The spring flows into the North 
Raven River near the SE edge of the Ecological Easement.

When: The work will be undertaken between July 1 and August 31, 2012

What is to be done: Replace or repair as required willow bundles within 
the spring.

What will the willow bundles look like: The bundles will be composed of 
decadent willows located back from the stream edge. The willow will be 
cut at ground height to stimulate new growth for moose fodder. Each 
bundle will be held with two bands of #9 iron wire. The wire will be 
attached to the stream bed utilizing T posts. Each T post will be 
driven below substrate to ensure as much as possible negligible frost 
heaving. Each bundle will be <> 12 in diameter which will ensure that 
the bundle is below water level thereby reducing rotting. The branch 
end of the bundle will be fanned out to provide as much cover for the 
fry as possible.