Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday December 15, 2008

Hi Everybody!

Dr. Bill Young was  our guest tyer tonight. The frigid weather could not stop 18 keen tyers from coming to learn how to tie two excellent patterns.  The first pattern was a hopper pattern that A.K. Best developed and the second was a nymph that we called the bead head soft hackle hares ear. These two patterns fished as a "hopper-dropper" will be a great combination on Alberta streams. Thanks Bill. Your thoughts about tying at the start of the tying session were very useful. You did a great job guiding us through two excellent patterns.

Our next tying session is January 5th. We now have 20 tyers signed up for the Phil Rowley workshop on Saturday January 10th. There is space for 5 or 6 more tyers.

Have a Merry Christmas everybody. Enjoy this special time of the year with family and friends.

Dr. Bill Young leading 17 keen fly tyers.

Bead Head Soft Hackle Hares Ear
Hook: Tiemco 2457 sizes 16 -12
Bead: gold, size to match hook size
Tail: sparse partridge
Body: hares ear dubbing
Rib: gold tinsel fine
Collar: Partridge
Thorax: Peacock Hurl

A.K.'s Hopper
Hook: Size 8 dry fly
Body: yellow phentex
Hackle: brown or green
Under Wing: Turkey slip
Over Wing: Deer Hair

The "gang" taking in Bill's demonstration.

Ryan and Bob having a humorous moment.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday December 8th, 2008

Hi Everybody!

Evan Ritchie was our guest tyer tonight. You can always count on Evan introducing the group to some neat fly patterns. Evan taught 14 keen tyers two cool patterns: the Herl Bug and the Chickabou Dragonfly Nymph.  Both patterns will work well on our local lakes and streams. I am always amazed at how buggy many patterns look once tied. Great patterns Evan. Thanks for leading the group.

Next week Dr. Bill Young will be our guest tyer. The theme is "Hopper-Dropper."

Herl Bug
Hook: Nymph sizes 14-20
Thread: Olive or color to match
Tail: Pheasant tail Fibers
Body olive floss
Thorax: Gray ostrich herl
Wing Case: Pearl mylar
Head: Gold Bead
Chickabou Dragonfly Nymph
Hook: 3x long, 1x heavy sizes 4 to 10
Thread: Olive 6/0 or 8/0
Tail: Olive barred soft hackle Chickabou plume
Body: Olive barred flank Chickabou feather
Rib: Small copper wire (optional)
Legs: Tips from olive barred flank Chickabou feahter
Wing Case: Brown goose or turket quill
Eyes: 5/32 dia. barbell eyes painted green
Head: same as body

Evan Ritchie  leading the group

Karen and Byron Tying and Chatting

Willy and Cordell rarely miss Monday Night Fly Tying

Reid concentrating on his Dragonfly Nymph

Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday December 1, 2008

Hi Everybody!

Another fly tying season kicked off today with 16 tyers finding out about fishing patterns that were used for tiger trout fishing at Twin Lakes near Roblin, Manitoba. The two patterns are also quite useful here in Central Alberta. It was nice to see several new faces in the group.

Tonight we tied two patterns. The black and red ice cream cone chronomid and the DDH Leech.

Next week our guest tyer is Evan Ritchie. See you next week!


DDH Leech (Diamond Dub Holographic Leech)

Hook: Mustad R74 size 6 or 8
Eyes: Bead Chain
Tail: marabou
Body: rabbit with some diamond dub
(can be tied in a wide variety of colors)

Black and Red Ice Cream Cone Chronomid

Hook: Mustad C49S sizes 12, 14 or 16
Bead: white brass (size to match hook size)
Rib: small red holographic tinsel or small red wire
Body: black midge flex or black thread