Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday December 12th, 2011 Tying Large and Small

Hi Everybody!

Les Kolibaba was our guest tyer tonight. We split into two tying groups. Evan Ritchie did a lesson on basic skills for the gang who needed a lesson/refresher to help their tying. While that was going on, Les taught the rest of the gang three cool patterns. We started off small, really small; tying a trico spinner. We tied our trico spinner quite large although we should all be prepared to tie them size 20 and even smaller. That means Bernie is going to need three pairs of glasses on his nose. We then tied a very cool salmon fly that closely resembled a Gartside Leech. Finally the group tied a Marabou Jig. Les did a great job teaching us these neat patterns. Thanks again Les.

We have 3 spots left for the Phil Rowley "Fun with Foam" workshop that will occur on January 7th.

Next week, Larry Prowse is our guest tyer. Our theme is caddis patterns. See you then!

Les Kolibaba

Doug is evaluating Bernie's progress. His body fur collar looks good, right Doug?

Betty and Phil comparing their streamers.

Taking care of the basics.

Trico Spinner

Hook: standard dry fly hook sizes 16 to 24
Tail: 2 microfibetts
Body: thread-black or brown 8/0
Wing: white polypropylene
Shellback: craft foam/ethafoam

Popsicle Salmon Fly

Hook: salmon hook size 2
Tag: silver mylar
collar 1: body fur
Body: marabou (3 plums)
black/red crystal flash
Collar 2: cross cut rabbit fur

Marabou Jig

Hook: Small jig hook
Tail: Black and red crystal flash
Body: Two marabou feathers

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