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Monday January 16th Balanced Leeches and Chironomids

Its fun to have so many take a turn leading the group at Fly Tying Mondays. Tonight Betty MacKenzie was our guest instructor. Betty taught the group four very effective patterns; two were balanced leeches and two were chironomids. It is very neat to see Betty create fly patterns, field test them and then tweeking them a bit more until she is satisfied its a great imitation that the trout will identify as a food source. All of Betty's patterns are well thought out because she knows they will catch fish. Her field tests with her husband Steve are always great adventures. Great job Betty!

Jerry McBride from the Inland Fly Fishers in Spokane was the originator of balanced flies. Jerry believed that many flies should be presented horizontally in the water column just like the naturals. He modified many nymphs and leech patterns to test his theory. Try taking basic flies like a bead head flashback and make the pattern sit in the water horizontally. All you need is a pin and a bead to make the modifications. This style of fly also makes an great jigging action in the water.

Bob Morenski is the originator of the Ice Minnow. Bob has spent many a foray on the lakes of the Parkland Region of Manitoba putting his patterns to the ultimate test. Bob has created many variations of the Ice Minnow. Try taking several of Bob's Ice Minnows and tie them "balanced."

Davie McPhail is an amazing fly tyer. He has posted many of his flies on You Tube. Take a look at his Holographic Grey Boy. The Grey Boy that Betty tied is a variation that Phil Rowley came up with. He simplified the original pattern by putting a hot orange collar on the fly.

When fishing a balanced fly or a chironomid, tie it on your line with a nonslip loop knot. Watch Brian Chan show you how to tie this knot on your line right here (from Sport Fishing on the Fly).

Next week Bernie Peet is our guest instructor and it is going to be a good one. Come and learn about Loch Style flies.

Betty MacKenzie


Black Chironomid

Hook: TMC 100 dry fly hook size 12
Thread: Black 6/0 or 8/0
Tail: 2 strands of pearl crystal flash
Body: Black tying thread
Rib: Silver tinsel
Gill: White polypropylene or antron
Thorax: Peacock herl
Shellback: White polypropylene or antron

Grey Boy (Phil Rowley modified)

Hook: Mustad C49S or TMC 2457 sized 10 to 14
Thread: Hot Orange or hot pink
Gill: White polypropylene or antron
Bead: Black size 1/8 or 7/32
Body: Black stretch floss or flashabou
Rib: White stretch floss
Colar: hot orange or pink thread

UV Light Grey Boy

Same as above with a single strand of UV Pearl Super Flash as a added rib.

Betty's Claret Balanced Leech

Hook: Mustad 32833BLN size 8 or 10 with a bead head and pin
Bead: Gold 5/32nd bead
Tail: Black marabou with a few strands of crystal flash
Body: Black and claret polar chenille wound together, tied off and trimmed

Ice Minnow (Bob Morenski originator)

Hook: Mustad 32833BLN size 8 or 10 with a bead head and pin
Bead: Gold 5/32nd bead
Tail: Black marabou with a few strands of crystal flash
Body: White crystal chenille
Back: Black crystal chenille
Rib: silver or red wire

Vampire Leech (Todd Oishi originator)

Jig Hooks

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