Monday, November 26, 2012

Micro Leeches

Hi Everyone!

Twenty one fly tyers came out to tie three different micro leeches. Larry Prowse showed tonight's group how to tie a modified Glen's Leech, a black micro leech and a balanced leech that is a real winner in the fall. I have seen first hand how effective all three of these patterns have been. Glenn's Leech can be tied in dark brown, black, olive and tan. Glen's Leech can be teamed up with a chironomid with excellent results. Fall is a great time for micro leeches. Tie micro leeches in your favourite colours including black, maroon, olive and brown. All three patterns fish great under a strike indicator.

Next week our theme is parachute flies. See you then.

Larry Prowse

The Gang at Work

Glen's Leech

Hook: Mustad C49S size 10-14
Bead: 8/0 red glass or 3/32nd brass bead
Weight: 0.015 wire
Thread: Red 8/0
Tail: Pine Squirrel Micro Zonker Strip
Rib: Red wire
Body: Black marabou

Balanced Micro Leech

Hook: Mustad jig hook with a pin tied on to extend the body
Bead:1/8 hot orange tungsten
Thread: Black 8/0
Tail: Black marabou
Body: Brown olive ice dub or brown/olive polar chenille

Micro Leech

Hook: C49s sizes 12-14
Thread: Black: 8/0
Bead: Hot orange 1/8th
Body: Black semi seal dubbing
Tail: Black marabou

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