Monday, December 10, 2012

Salmon Flies with Dr. Bill Young

Hi Everybody!

Seventeen fly tyers came out tonight to take in Dr. Bill Young's presentation on techniques he uses to tie salmon flies. Bill and his son Will spent some time this past summer in Alaska chasing King Salmon with a spey rod. The guys came up with two patterns that worked very well. Of course these two patterns can easily be applied to fishing for other species like bull trout and steelhead. The neat thing about the flies we tied tonight is the endless colour combinations you could use.  The one fly pattern we tied was a tube fly. The materials we used reminded me of the television show MacGyver. Bill used paper clips for the tube needle and a standard plastic q-tip for the tube. I was impressed.

Next week is our final session before Christmas. We will be tying some Charlie Craven patterns!

Dr. Bill Young

Salmon Streamer with a Stinger

Hook: size 2-4  4xl streamer hook
Stinger: Octopus hook
Tail: Marabou
Body: Crystal chenille
Body: Rabbit strip
Collar: Marabou

Salmon Tube Fly

Tube: Plastic Q-Tip
Body:  Crystal chenille
Collar: Black hackle and marabou

Time to create some colourful salmon flies!

Will and Bill 

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