Monday, January 14, 2013

Pine Squirrel Potpourri

 Hi Everybody!

Tonight was about pine squirrel streamers. None of the 4 patterns that the twenty tyers worked on are complicated. They all incorporated pine squirrel. Pine squirrel micro zonker strips can be used for smaller flies like Glen's Leech or for larger flies like a pine squirrel streamer. Pine squirrel becomes very life like when pulsing through the water.  Take a look at this short video to see how great the action is from a pine squirrel streamer. The Slumpbuster and Bouface are two flies that are John Barr creations. John Barr is mosted noted for his copper john nymph but these two flies tied mainly with pine squirrel are simple and effective. The last fly we tied, the pine squirrel leech, was modified by Charlie Craven by adding a collar that was was less bulky by making a dubbing loop and eliminating the skin park of the squirrel.

Wapsi makes a variety of squirrel colours. Take a look.

We still have 9 spots available for the Phil Rowley Workshop on March 9th. Drop Bob ( a note to sign up. Its a great deal ($40).

Next week, Tim Maley is our guest instructor. See you then!

gathering the pine squirrel

jotting down a few notes, ... great idea!

Darwin's first fly ever. It looks like a fish catcher!

Bouface (John Barr originator)

Hook: Tiemco 200R sizes 6 to 12
Body: Pine squirrel zonker strip
Collar: Marabou
Bead: Gold

Pine Squirrel Leech (modified by Charlie Craven)

Hook: Mustad C49S sizes 10-12
Body: Pine squirrel
Collar: Pine squirrel
Bead: Gold or orange

Slumpbuster (John Barr originator)

Hook: Mustad 9672 size 6 or 12
Body: Flat diamond braid
Rib: Gold wire
Wing: Pine squirrel
Collar: Pine squirrel
Cone head: Gold

Pine Squirrel Streamer

Hook: size 4 6 XL streamer hook
Under body: foam
Tail: Pine Squirrel
Body: Pine Squirrel

Two more examples of Pine Squirrel Leeches

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