Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Details About the Fly Tying Seminar on Saturday March 9th and Garage Sale

  • Hi Everybody
        Phil has asked me to pass the following information along about Saturday's workshop. He would like you to have the following along:

        Fine Copper Wire

       Lead Wire or Lead Wire Substitute (.020” or .025”)

        Dubbing Wax

        UTC 70 Olive (For Split Thread Dubbing)

        6/0 Olive Uni Thread

     UTC 70 or 8/0 Brown

       UTC 70 or 8/0 Black

Be sure to bring a dubbing twister, spinner, hook or whorl.  We are going to hopefully use them or demonstrate all of them as they each have a place dubbing.

If you are having trouble locating any of these materials, give Bob Edens a call (403-304-8362)

The workshop will start at 9 am. Do come early and have coffee and visit! Bring your lunch. If you want to order pizza, Karen will organize that sometime during the morning.  Phil will have some video to show at lunch time.

We will also be using magic tools. Phil will be providing these for the workshop.

We will have juice and water and a mid morning snack.

The workshop is at Mattie McCullough School. The school is located at 26 Lawford Avenue. Travel east on 32nd Street as far as it goes. The school is located just to the south of the end of 32nd Street. There is parking on the north side of the school. 

The workshop will wrap up at approxiamtely 4 pm.

...also we will be having the Central Alberta Trout Unlimited Garage Sale at the same time right at the front door of the school. We will have some tables with items to sell. The proceeds will go to the seller and Central Alberta Trout Unlimited. 

All the materials for the workshop are bought and ready to go. See you Saturday for an educational day of fly tying.


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