Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thanks to Bob Edens and Stream Weaver Flies for the Donation

I got a call from Bob Edens last Saturday, owner of Stream Weaver Flies. Bob said he had a donation for the fly tying club and he suggested I bring the truck because I was going to need it. Eight large boxes were loaded into the back of my truck. Most of the items were deer hair and elk hair along with some chenille and feathers. We will not have to buy deer hair or elk hair for a LONG time. The hair is top quality and much of it was special ordered.

Next year's tying themes have to include deer hair.

A big thanks to Bob!

Oh yes, Bob wanted everybody to know that he is blowing out all flies in his shop starting at 25% off. These are quality flies from Umpqua Flies. Give Bob a call if you need to get some tying materials or flies (403-304-8362).


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