Friday, October 24, 2014

Walleye on the Fly along the Red Deer River

It is time to leave the brown trout alone on the Red Deer River. They are spawning in the next short while. Walleye have dominated the Red Deer River in the last few years and they are very willing the strike a minnow fly pattern. Larry and I knew of an excellent spot below the Dickson Dam to cast to walleye. Today they were there and very active. The mercury was close to zero when we arrived but the walleye struck at our blue clouser minnows. Larry used a sink tip line and I used a spey rod with an intermediate tip. Some of the hits were gentle taps but other takes were unmistakeable! The nice thing about fishing below the Dickson Dam is you are protected by wind and the area can be a bit of a "heat sink" if the sun is shining! We caught mostly walleye in the 2 pound range although we did tangle with some larger specimens! The Red Deer River below the dam is well worth a visit. Do be aware of potential spawning redds and do not walk over them.

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