Monday, December 8, 2014

Fly Fishing for Bonefish with Doug DeWitt

Hi Everybody!

Tonight Doug DeWitt was our guest presenter and he spent the evening teaching us two proven bonefish flies as well as giving us an excellent overview of his set up for fly fishing the flats. Doug has visited several bone fishing locations including the Turks and Caicos Islands as well as Cuba. Doug loves to sight fish for big bonefish. Dougs' extensive bone fishing experiences has taught him "what works!" He shared his thoughts about his approach to bonefish fly fishing after showing us how to tie a Bunny Gotcha and the Merkin Crab!

The library was jammed to capacity to take in Doug's informative presentation. Thanks Doug, we all learned a lot!

Remember next week, Reid Stoyberg, guide at Plummer's Lodge, is our guest presenter. I am already looking forward to our last tying session before Christmas!

Please drop Bob a note ( to sign up for Phil Rowley's all day workshop on January 31st! The theme is Euro Nymphing. This will be a comprehensive workshop that includes: learning to tie the flies, making your own slinky system, learning how to set up the train of flies as well as fishing them! This is going to be a very cool workshop you will not want to miss!

Doug DeWitt

The gang at work!

Bunny Gotcha with Silly Legs

Hook: TMC 811s size 6-4
Thread: Olive or Tan 3/0-0r 6/0
Tail: Peacock Flashabou with silly legs
Body: Diamond Braid, bonefish tan
Wing: Rabbit, flesh or white
Bead: Bead chain to dumbell eyes depending on the depth or nothing (quite shallow)

Preparing legs for the Merkin Crab

Darren installing the legs

Tieing in the EP fibers

Time to trim the EP fibers to the shape of a crab!

Merkin Crab

Hook: TMC 811s sizes 2 or 4
Thread: Tan or olive B thread
Tail: Krystal Flash, olive
Body: EP 3D fibers white, tan or olive
Legs: Silly legs
Bead: Bead chain or dumbell eyes (depending on depth you are fishing)

Doug spent time going over his set up. Doug uses an Orvis Helios 8 weight with a 9 weight Rio bonefish line. Doug pointed out the importance of practice casting before you go. Be sure you can double haul proficiently!

Doug also went over his homemade leaders. They are 10 to 14 feet long starting with a 60 pound butt, tapering down to 40 pounds and finally 20 pounds to the fly! Doug showed us how to tie a Seaguar Knot to attach fluorocarbon to fluorocarbon (take a look at the video).  This is a knot that will not slip and maintains its strength. Oh yes, use some chap stick for lubricant when attaching two different pieces of fluorocarbon!

Now THAT is a bonefish!

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