Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fall Lake Turn Over

Rick and I hit a local trout pond on Saturday. When we arrived, we noticed that the visibility in the pond was about 10 inches. Are you kidding me? The wind had been blowing quite a bit in the last week and surface temperature was heading towards that dreaded freeze up. Wait a minute, could this be fall turnover of the lake.? Well maybe. The pond is quite large and it is deep in several places (about 18 to 20 feet). As the top layer of water cools to about 4C, we can have the bottom layer and top layer of water mix. The themocline basically is eroded to nothing. That will cause the lake/pond to get clouded up and it will take about a week to settle down.

Did this happen where we were? ...  perhaps. Wind can also cause a lake to turn over, sometimes with devasting results for the fish because oxygen in the lake can diminish causing a kill/partial kill of the trout.

Several of our pot hole lakes are not deep enough to turn over so that is why I am not sure if certain lakes actually turn over here in Central Alberta.

So how did Rick and I do considering the low visibility.. Well not great but we did catch 10 rainbows, several nice ones. We fished the top two feet of the water column with micro leeches. Most of our success was close to the tulles. A black Glenn's Leech was my best fly. I think that was because the fish can see it when the visibility is so low.

Lake freeze up is not to far away.

As you can see, the visibility was low.

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