Thursday, October 27, 2016

Twenty Five Years is Way Too Long

It has been a lot of years since Doug Pullen has been out in the west country fly fishing. Now we all know Doug has loves his fly fishing! I was able to get Doug out to the west country for two reasons. The first was to enjoy a day out on the river even though it is quite late in the season. The second was to get Doug to help me erect some Catch and Release signs alongside the river.

Well it was a drizzly start to the day but the uneventful ride out to the west country allowed us to quickly gear up and head downstream for an hour and then fish back to the truck!

We finally arrived at two great runs and it did not take Doug long to connect with some dandy cutthroats! We even encountered rising cutts and we geared up the 4 weight rod. It did not take Doug long to catch a cutthroat on a size 18 BWO dry fly!

Well the day turned pleasantly warm and the cutts were more than cooperative all day!

After a bit of a break, we got the post hole digger and pry bars out and erected some Catch and Release signs. Now that was work and we were glad to get that job off of our list!

Awesome day except for the foggy drive back to Red Deer.

I think Doug will become a regular out in the west country cutthroat streams. We had an awesome day.

Well of course I got to fish too!

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