Monday, December 12, 2016

Look Out Permit, Tarpon and Barracuda!

Our fly tying club is very fortunate to have a wide variety of fly tying knowledge. Today Brandon Fawcett, Head Guide at Fly Fishing Little Corn Island in Nicaragua spent the evening teaching us three neat fly patterns. Tying a needlefish imitation was our first challenge, followed by tying an EP Crab and finally a Big Eye Tarpon Fly!

Brandon has shared his expertise with our tying group the last three years. Brandon heads to Little Corn Island about mid January and he continues to guide there until the spring. Brandon is a skilled guide. Little Corn Island is a diamond in the rough. A great place to escape Canada's harsh winter! Take sometime to check out his Fly Fishing Company!

Thanks Brandon and a huge congratulations go to Brandon and Genevieve!

Next week, Dr. Bill Young is our guest tyer!  Dr. Bill has asked you to bring 8/0 brown or black thread, 6/0 white or cream thread and some buck tail (if you have some)! You will also need some UV resin or Hard as Nails (finger nail polish) or fast drying epoxy! I am sure we can share around with this stuff!

See you then!

Brandon Fawcett

It was a full house, as usual!

Needle Fish Imitation

Two hooks: Mustad 34007 size 4 connected by knowable bit tippet, 30 pound
Tail: Chartreuse or Blue Marabou
Body: Mylar tubing
Eyes: Craft Eyes

EP Crab

Hook: Mustad 34007 size 2 or 4 or TMC 811
Thread: Tan or chartreuse
Dumbell Eyes: 5/32nds
Tail: Marabou-tan or chartreuse
Body: EP Fibres
Legs: Tan Sili Legs

Big Eye Tarpon Fly

Hook: Mustad 34007 size 1 
Thread: Orange, red-6/0
Tail: Schlappen feathers
Collar: Schlappen feathers

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