Monday, March 6, 2017

Atlantic Salmon Flies with Steve Luethi

Steve Luethi is one of our young guns in the fly tying club! He is a very passionate fly fisher who is willing to go the extra mile to get to some water that holds those special fish that only a few have experienced. Steve and Taryn embarked on a great late season adventure last year to the maritimes to fly fish for Atlantic salmon in the Cape Breton area! This was a new experience for both. The fishing for Atlantic salmon is quite a bit different than the what we do here in Western Canada. Steve even tied into a beauty of an Atlantic salmon on a fly that he designed, called the Radler. 

Tonight, Steve shared 3 Atlantic salmon  patterns. Two of the patterns were traditional patterns (Blue Charm and Rusty Rat) and the third, was designed by Steve for his adventure to the Maritimes (Radler)! Steve did an excellent job leading the largest turn out of fly tyers this season through the steps to construct the flies! Well done Steve!

It was awesome to see some younger fly tyers out tonight too!

Next week, Darren Petersen is our guest instructor. Darren asks that you bring a black marker along!

Steve Luethi

Blue Charm

Hook: Mustad36890, 1/0
Thread: Black UTC, 70 denier
Tag: Small Oval Tinsel, silver
Butt: Golden Pheasant crest-tail
Body: Black polar dub
Rib: Large silver french oval tinsel
Underwing: Black crystal flash
Overwing: Squirrel, natural
Beard: Blue saddle


Hook: Mustad36890, 2/0
Thread: Black UTC, 70 denier
Tag: Small gold oval tinsel
Butt: Golden Pheasant crest-tail
Black Ostrich herl
Body: Gold tinsel
Rib: French oval tinsel
Underwing: Pearl Crystal flash
Overwing#1: Calf tail
Overwing #2: Orange marabou
Beard: Yellow saddle hackle

Rusty Rat

Hook: Mustad36890, size 4
Thread: Black UTC, 70 denier
Tag: Small gold French tinsel
Tail: Peacock herl
Body #1: Orange-Rust
Body #2: Peacock herl
Rib: Large French Oval tinsel
Underwing: Orange Crystal flash
Overwing: Squirrel tail, natural
Collar: Grizzly hen hackle, natural

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