Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Windy Blustery Day, but lots of Trout

Karen and I headed down to southern Alberta to fly fish for a few days. There are only a few places to legally fish this time of he year so you know where we are! Our first stop loped great. A bit high, a bit off colour but quite fishable and no ice shelves to be seen anywhere! Karen was into a nice rainbow right away followed by a rocky mountain white fish. We caught several more before relocating to another spot. Well the fishing was great but the wind was blowing at an amazing rate! I guess catching some trout was one thing but the wind took the edge off of the enjoyment factor! We saw the weather forecast was the same for the next day so we decided to fish hard all day and head home. It was a good decision because the wind actually blew harder the next day. We enjoyed our day but the wind definitely tarnished the day. 

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