Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Frost, Fog and West Slope Cutthroat

The smoke finally cleared, at least for a day or two. My neighbour, Colin, and I decided to make a mad dash out to the west country and chase west slope cutthroat trout! We left early. The drive out was foggy and when we started to hike the thermometer read -1C. Burr. It was perfect for walking for an hour and a half! Frost was covering all the foliage in the meadows we walked by. We even encountered a bull with a bad attitude!

When we set up to fly fish, it was still rather cold. The sun was not yet on the water. The cutthroat were not active. Once we found some sun covered water, Colin and I were catching cutthroat!

We found several beauties today. By noon, we switched to dry fly fishing. The dry fly fishing was decent once the air warmed up considerably!

It looks like the window for cutthroat trout fishing is getting smaller as the evening and night temperatures drop down to around freezing. Afternoon dry fly fishing is still excellent. Nymphing is a great strategy earlier in the day while waiting for the temperatures to warm.

The shadows are getting longer. Better get out there!

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