Sunday, February 3, 2019

You Tube Favourites with Phil Rowley

Phil Rowley's 10th all day fly tying seminar in Red Deer was all about You Tube Favourite Flies. The seminar was close to a sell out on a cold blustery winter day. We can almost count on a snow storm when Phil pulls into town. It has been a great source of winter humour with our gang from the Central Alberta Fly Tying Club!

The weekend started off early. Phil realized that he needed to escape Sherwood Park a day early in order to avoid a nasty snowstorm.We then enjoyed some great visiting with our annual pub night! What a great turn out too!

Saturday morning we all braved the frigid temperatures and loaded up to head to our tying seminar. We owe Garnet Clews and his brother a big thanks for allowing us to use the space at their facility for the seminar. It is a perfect spot and we sure appreciate their kindness!

Phil guided us through several tremendous You Tube Fy Tying Channels. We then tied up a great cross section of flies. The all day seminar is all about learning tying techniques. Phil also introduced the gang to new materials. Synthetic quills are a great new product that is now on the market! 

I have posted all of the flies we tied at the seminar. I have also added several slides from Phil's power point presentation.

I want to thank Phil for adding us onto a very busy show season for him. We all learn a great deal from his fabulous seminars. 

Just one reminder that we do have a tying seminar on Monday February 4th. Wayne McElderry is our guest tyer, see you then. Dress warm and lets have a big turn out!

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