Monday, November 25, 2019

Fly Fishing Sylvan Lake Part 1-Bloodworms

What an amazing turn out for our first Fly Tying Monday session for the 2109-2020 season. To see our tying space jammed to capacity was fantastic! West River Fly Shop was a great place to be!

Sylvan Lake is a popular fishery but not usually with a fly rod. Over the years my wife, Karen, and I have spent lots of fantastic days enjoying the fly fishing. We target lake whitefish, walleye and pike. We have discovered that Sylvan Lake's bug life is very similar to our Central Alberta pot hole trout lakes. From blood worms, chironomids, hexagenia, dragons and damsels; Sylvan Lake is definitely a bug factory. All species of fish in Sylvan lake love to eat these bugs. Sylvan Lake is a great place to learn to fly fish a lake.

Remember that there is an open house hosted by Border Paving this Thursday night at Butte Hall from 5 pm to 8 pm about an application for a wet gravel pit right across from Stainbrook Springs. the headwaters of Stauffer Creek (North Raven River). This is an application that cannot happen. Please come and help us ensure this application is not approved.

Adjoining the lands of Border Paving, the proponent of the gravel pit, and within 50 yards on both the east side and north side are lands held under title by the Alberta Conservation Assoc., Trout Unlimited Canada, Alberta Fish and Game Assoc..
These lands were purchased by the above authorities with additional contributions of Central Alberta Trout unlimited Chapter.
If you purchased a fishing or hunting license and or are dues paying members of one or more of those organizations, these lands belong to you and you must have standing in any decision rendered.
These lands held by the above groups have management plans developed by the owners whose decisions reflect any similar owner decisions. Examples of these decisions include land use, access, grazing and the like.
Please address all comments about the application of Border Paving to:

Planning Dept.
Country of Clearwater,
4340 47 Ave, Rocky Mountain House, AB T4T 1A4

Please write a letter as letters have much more “weight” than emails or online petitions.

Next Week, Ralf Kuntzman is our guest tyer. Ralf is one of the most creative fly tyers I have ever meet. Be sure to be at West River Fly Shop next Monday!

A throat sample which has told us to tie on bloodworm patterns.

Seal Blood Worm- John Kent Originator

Hook: C49S size 12-16
Bead: Red, 3/32nd
Thread: UTC Red, 8/0
Tail: Marabou, red
Body: Seal, red
Rib: Largartun Mini Flat Braid, gold (just one strand)

Bionic Worm Variant- Jerry McBride Originator

Hook: C49s size 8 to 14
Bead: Orange 1/8th-3/32nd depending on hook size
Thread: UTC Red, 8/0
Tail: Marabou, Pink or Cerise
Body: Red Scud Back or Red Holographic Tinsel
Rib: Gold Wire, small

Glass Bead Worm

Hook: 3xl curved nymph hook
Thread: Red, 8/0
Body: Glass Beads 11/0, Red
Rib: Semi Seal, peacock 

Scud Back Blood Worm

Hook: 3xl curved nymph hook
Thread: Red, 8/0
Weight: 0.01000 lead free wire
Rib: Red Wire, Medium or Small
Body: Red Scud Back, 1/8th

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