Monday, January 27, 2020

Back to the Backcountry in Banff National Park to Fly Fish

Tonight we headed back to the backcountry of Banff National Park. Dr. Bill, Steve, Bob, and Karen spent a few days enjoying some tremendous fly fishing for cutthroat trout and some brookies. We fly fished mainly with foam flies, aka chernobyls. So tonight, Steve and Bob taught the gang two excellent foam patterns. The first, a classic called the Fat Albert and the second fly was a Bullet Headed Hopper.

I have added some short video clips that Steve took during the trip as well as several images from the hiking and fly fishing. The images were supplied by Steve Luethi and Bob Vanderwater.

Fat Albert

Hook: Size 6 streamer hook
Thread: Colour to Match Foam, 6/0
Body: Foam
Legs: Rubber
Wing: Antron or EP Fibers

Bullet Head Foam Fly

Hook: Size 8 streamer hook
Thread: Colour to match foam
Dubbing: Orange Ice Dub
Body: Foam
Underwing: Web Wing
Overwing: Deer hair
Legs: Rubber

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