Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Another Beauty Day on the Water

What an incredible run on beautiful fall weather. I bet the harvest is ahead of schedule. Those warm dry September days allow our farmers to get the grains and canola off of the fields and in the bin.

If you are a fly fisher and in particular a retired fly fisher, fall days like today are not to be wasted. Karen and I waited until the frost was long gone before we launched our pram. Today was a slow day. We landed 8 rainbows, one of which was a dandy! We had to move and work at getting the depth right! The water boatmen were out in the afternoon. The boatman below was diving into the lake but landed right in our boat. A quick pic and off I sent him into the depths!

The weather forecast looks incredible for the next upcoming days. If you are not on a combine, try to find some time to get out on the water. The sunshine is great therapy for sure!


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