Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday February 25th, 2008

Quill Gordon
size 12 1x nymph hook
wood duck tail
stripped peacock hurl body
dark blue dun underwing
wood duck over wing

House and Lot Variant (H and L Variant)
size 10 dry fly hook
calf tail for tail and wing
stripped peacock body 
peacock hurl body near wing
brown hackle
grizzly hackle (not shown in this photo)

Hi Everybody!

Tonight we had a new guest instructor. Greg Sikora taught us two very useful patterns. The H and L Variant and the Quill Gordon. The H and L Variant is an excellent fly to prospect with on those eastern slope waters. Some like to use it as the top fly when fishing with a dropper. I have seen the effectiveness of this fly on many a cutthroat river. If you have read Barry Mitchell's  Alberta's Trout Highway, you would find out that the H and L Variant is an excellent pattern to have all along the Forestry Trunk Road.

I saw first hand how outstanding the Quill Gordon can be one evening on Mitchell Lake. Greg was into fish the entire evening stripping this pattern in quick 12 inch strips just under the surface. I always carry a half dozen in my lake box. 

Thanks Greg for a very enjoyable evening. 

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