Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday March 3rd, 2008

Halfback Nymph
size 8 2x nymph hook
weight the top 2/3 of the hook with 0.20 lead or equivalent
goose biot tail
peacock hurl body
green pheasant tail shellback
green hackle
peacock hurl hurl thorax

size 8 Mustad C53S hook
brown marabou tail
shellback brown mottled turkey quill
brown seal dubbing
legs partridge feathers
weight 0.20 lead for abdomen and 0.35 lead for thorax

Hi Everybody!

Doug Cook was our guest fly tyer tonight. Doug showed us a very cool pattern called the stonefly bugger. The 15 students tonight had to tame seal dubbing and make legs from partridge feathers. Combine an excellent stonefly pattern with a bugger type pattern and you have one excellent fly. Thanks Doug for the outstanding pattern. A very cool streamer pattern that is part stonefly.

...we had time to also tie a halfback nymph from left over materials at the Phil Rowley Workshop. That will be an excellent lake pattern.

Next week, Doug Pullen will be our guest tyer. Doug has three patterns all ready for us. One pattern is some sort of mystery. Sounds like fun!

...we have only two sessions left for the year! See you next Monday, March 10th.


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