Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday January 12, 2009

Hi Everybody!

What a surprise tonight. We had 26 tyers just two days ago for the Phil Rowley Workshop and tonight we had 22 fly tyers come to learn a few more excellent patterns. I guess we learned a valuable lesson. Keep Fly Tying Mondays going throughout the winter. A special welcome to Lisa who tried fly tying for the first time. Karen says you did very well. We also had Devon out for the first time. Devon is 8 years old and thanks to his dad Roy, he has already become a very capable fly fisherman. 

Next Monday we have a special presentation from Dave and Amelia Jensen. Dave and Amelia spent part of November and part of December in New Zealand fly fishing for trophy browns. This is their second trip down under in the last two years.  Their video is amazing. Be sure to come out next Monday and enjoy incredible scenery; neat rivers, some only a few meters wide. Some of these small rivers had browns to 10 plus pounds. Bring your fly fishing friends for sure on Monday January 19th at Annie L Gaetz School.


Reid working on his Light Cahill

The library was full of tyers tonight.

Alberta Stone
Hook: size 8 2x Nymph Hook
Bead: 1/8 inch gold bead
Tail: ginger biots
Rib: Cooper wire
Shellback: 10-12 pheasant tail fibers
Legs: Brown Midge Flex
Body: Seal (golden) or stone fly dubbing
Thorax:  Seal (golden) or stone fly dubbing
March Brown
Hook: size 14 standard dry fly hook
Tail: Microfibetts cream colored
Body: Turkey quill
Wing: Mallard dyed wood duck
Hackle: Ginger
Light Cahill
Hook: Standard dry fly hook sizes 12 to 18
Tail: Cream microfibetts
Body: Cream antron
Wing: Mallard dyed wood duck
Hackle: Cream or ginger

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