Monday, March 16, 2009

Thanks to Our Presenters

Lets see 14 fly tying sessions with almost 35 patterns. That is a pretty decent season of tying. I learned so much again this year. Remember that we all can learn a lot from each other. I want to thank the following presenters:

Evan Ritchie
Doug Pullen
Phil Rowley
Dr. Bill Young
Don Anderson
Bob Vanderwater
Roy Saunders
Jock MacKenzie
Doug Cook
Byron Stearns
Willy Spijksma

A special thanks to Dave and Amelia Jensen for their incredible video/photos of fly fishing in New Zealand. 

We started the first of December and finished up three weeks into March. Monday nights certainly helped get us through those long winter nights with no fly fishing.

Keep tying everybody. Take a look back through our patterns. All of the patterns will be useful at some point during the season. Try to fish some new waters this year. Venture out, it's all part of the fun.

Please take lots of photos of your your trophies and destinations. We will post them again next year.

E-mail Bob with any neat pictures and places you wish to share. Have a great fly fishing season.

Bob and Karen Vanderwater

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