Monday, October 22, 2012

Burrr, ...Almost the End

As I stumbled around the kitchen this morning trying to pour my morning coffee, I glanced at the outside thermometer. It read  -10C, burr. Is it possible that some of our fishing holes are still ice free? Barely!  Larry wants to fly fish right until winter sets in. It has been an amazing year for fly fishing and we did not want to give up on the season just yet.

Today we pulled into the Hansen's Reservoir parking lot. We were quite surprise to see lots of open water even though the mercury was sitting at -4C just after lunch. Larry smiled, I was indifferent although I saw a few photo opportunities to keep me entertained. You know that the snake guides and tip top were going to freeze but we were warm and we might find some willing trout.

Larry headed off to his favourite spot. Well it was game on right from the first cast. Most of the takes were subtle. We caught several impressive fish considering this is a put and take fishery. Maybe the regulars have figured out that the rainbows taste like your basic garden dirt. The 4 hours that we spent at Hansen's were quite enjoyable. One day this week, this stretch of water is going to have its winter skin. Sigh.

Just about time to get the fly tying club up and running. We will probably get started the third Monday in November!

Stay warm!

Can you see the rainbow under the ice?

We had to deal with frozen snake guides and tip tops all afternoon.

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