Monday, June 11, 2018

Another Great Adventure to the Parkland Region of Manitoba

Another great adventure to the Parkland Region of Manitoba is behind us! Two fun filled weeks passed quickly. I always believe that fly fishing is all about great people, beautiful places and especially great moments. We had plenty of all three.

There was some some concern as the trip started because one of the trophy lakes, Corstophine, lost most of its gigantic rainbows in a lake kill. I am not exactly sure what happened but FLIPPR needs to re-examine it's aerating procedures. They are not working properly and it certainly cost them big time and this translates into huge disappointment for visiting fly fishers who come from all over North America!

Fortunately we were able to enjoy fly fishing at Patterson Lake, East and West Goose Lakes and that jewel called Twin Lakes.

One of my favourite moments occurred on day 1 when Doug Pulled caught a monster brown trout in 8 inches of water with his ice minnow only 4 inches below his strike indicator! He did not even cast. The brown trout came strolling right past the boat and Doug merely dropped his fly right beside the boat and the big brown devoured it! Crazy but true!

Another neat moment was going to a place on Patterson Lake and casting into a slot I love. It did not take long for Mike to tangle with a beautiful big brown.

The rhythm of the lakes was off. The long harsh winter included late ice off. The chironomid hatches were just getting started as we left. That is almost 3 weeks late. We did get to enjoy a few days of chironomid fly fishing near the end of the trip.

As always it is a privilege to hang out with so many great friends and fly fishers. The fly fishing, visiting, seating at bugs, brushing ticks off your clothing, wind, rain, scotch, cigars and antics are all part of the experience.

I always learn lots on these trips. New fly patterns, new places to fly fish or better techniques teach me to be a better fly fisher!

Take a look below, there are lots of fun pictures to enjoy!

(click on the pictures to make them larger!)

Rain Megedon! You get the idea, yep it was raining hard, real hard.

A walleye in a trout lake, why not?

Phil demonstrating the many faces of the "Guides's Position!"

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