Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Banff National Park, ...Lake Trout, Time to Explore

It was the perfect time visit this lake in Banff National Park! It was a place I always wanted to fly fish. We took a good look on Google Earth and made a plan. A quick stop in Banff at the National Park Headquarters to secure a National Park Fishing License and we were off to the Icefield Parkway! Oh baby it was busy with trailers, RVs and sightseers of all sorts. We knew that a prolonged cold front was entering Alberta so today was the day. We found out that no motors of any sort were allowed. In fact just Lake Minnewanka and Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park allow motors. Maligne, electric only!

We took our pram and rowed. That worked great. The backdrop was several glaciers and a very historic lodge. It was easy to launch the pram and we decided to fly fish the drop offs. That was a good decision. The first few hook ups were on white streamers with a full sink line.

We finally found several cruising lakers along the edge of the drop offs. We switched to ice minnows and indicators and caught several. The lakers are not huge but they were scrappy fighters!

We enjoyed fly fishing in an area that I have spent a lot of time in but with skis. Karen and I want to try to fly fish some different places. There is a lot of excellent choices in Banff and Jasper. It was definitely like fly fishing inside a postcard!

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