Thursday, September 12, 2019

Ferris Bueller Day at Sylvan Lake

When you wake up and see a cloudless big blue sky, you better not waste it! Especially when you are retired. Karen and I unearthed the boat and headed to Sylvan Lake. Unearthed is an understatement too. All of the summer gear was piled up in the boat! Once everything was unloaded, we loaded up the 1756 G3. It is a 30 minute drive to Sun Breakers Cove where the boat launch is. The RCMP were doing a boating course at Sylvan and we had a good giggle when one of their fleet was launched without a boat plug inserted. We have all done it too! I admit it!

We motored across the glassy lake and set up to fly fish for lake whitefish in 7 feet of water. A quick check of the water temperature and we knew that the lake whitefish should be around here someplace.  The water temperature ranged from 59-61 F. We finally found the lake whitefish cruising in 8 feet of water. A good old back and red ice cream chironomid was all we needed. The fishing really picked up around noon. I even caught a nice pike on a chironomid.

The wind started to blow mid afternoon so we checked out one of our favourite weed lines, watched a moose that Pepper spotted and then headed to the dock.

The beautiful big blue sky certainly was a big motivator. The shadows are getting long. Get out there while you can!

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